Viva Las Vegas – Send Out Cards Conference – World Vegetarian Day – Oct 1

Viva Las Vegas

Well, I’m in Las Vegas, staying in the Santa Fe Station. It’s a casino out in the burbs a bit, but full of gambling, food, concerts and even a Starbucks!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Send Out Card’s Treat ’em Right Seminar, a wonderful seminar I’ve attended twice before.

I can’t believe how wonderful and easy this service truly is. This simplicity and the wonderful feeling people express when they get my cards is why I’m such a proud distributor of the product which allows people to send Hallmark-type paper greeting cards from your computer which arrives in someone’s US Post Office Box with a stamp and a zip code on it.

Back to Vegetarianism

What do these famous folk: Pamela Anderson, Andre 3000, Albert Einstein, Joaquin Phoenix, Henry Ford, Natalie Portman, Milton Berle, Tobey Maguire, Scott Adams, Upton Sinclair, and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? They are all vegetarians!

Some tips to get your started on vegetarianism, as quoted from China Daily

1. Invest in vegetarian cookbooks and investigate on the Internet for vegetarian recipes.
2. Make a list of the various ways you can cook the same food. For instance potatoes can be boiled, roasted, mashed or made into hot chips and Mexican-style filled potatoes.
3. Adapt your favourite dishes such as pasta and stir-fries into vegetarian meals by excluding the meat component.
4. Experiment with fruit, vegetables, lentils, legumes and grains that you don’t normally eat.
5. Try tofu. There are many types of tofu in the market, with varieties including fresh, firm, deep-fried, marinated, egg-based tofu and tempeh (fermented soy cake). You may, however, need to make your way to an Asian store for the more exotic types.
6. Check out your local supermarket for the variety of quick/frozen/foil-packed/canned vegetarian foods available.
7. Explore the vegetarian options on the menus of all cafes and restaurants you normally dine at.
8. Explore the ‘fake meat’ (soy-based) products available at the supermarket or local Asian stores.
9. Stock up on nuts and seeds.
10. Replace animal fats (eg. butter) with vegetable oils eg. olive, canola, sunflower, peanut oils).

Yom Kippur, Smaller Photos, Vegetarian Breast Feeding

About to have a baby? Think about raising them vegetarian! It’s quite healthy – read on…..

Yom Kippur

A good friend of mine, Figen, sent me a fun Yom Kippur video from You Tube. This unleashed a bit of research and now I have a cool collection of videos for your viewing pleasure:

Bad Attitude on Yom Kippur

Doing the Funky Chicken

Stephen Colbert – Days of Repentance Hotline

Unofficial UTube Rabbi tells it like it is – Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashannah

Blowing of the Shofar

Oh, yeah, almost forgot – tech stuff:

Cool Online Image resizer

Microsoft Power Toys for Windows XP
-Image Resizer in cluded!

Vegetarianism and a Party

Another day, another wonderful vegetarian website in homage to World Vegetarian Week: Veg Source rocks!! They have almost everything a person could want – athletics, raw food updates, news, recipies, weight loss tips, parenting section, combatting cancer and artthritis through vegetarianism. You must check it out!

Oh, and here’s a cool party I went to last weekend!

Majbritt’s Going away party 9-2006

Sep 23, 2006 – 36 Photos

World Vegetarian Day, 800#s, Firefox, Anonymous Surfing

It’s World Vegetarian Day this Sunday (October 1st) and World Vegetarian Awareness month next month – October 2007. To honor this wonderful day, I’ll be posting a smattering of Vegetarian Links to help with the celebration!

In honor of this wonderful event, you’ll be getting a link/day to help you eat healthier. Your heart, body and mind will thank you.In San Francisco, it’s actually going to be World Vegetarian Weekend:
World Vegetarian Day in San Francisco

Here’s a good Iranian Vegetarian Restaurant. From what I read, they’re few and far between!

Some tech stuff…

A few fun items from Jack Teem’s latest newsletter

They can run, but they cannot hide. Find your favorite company’s hidden 800#.

Sound, sound, who got the sound?

Firefox Extensions – my favoritestheir favorites – you choose!

Superstitious about who’s watching you – install Track Me Not! from Bob’s Newsletter