Trillian, Meebo, Tech Support


Do you Trillian? If you haven’t tried this cool program before, you must. It’s a combined Instant Messenger program which allows you to use your Yahoo! Instant Messenger, MSN, AOL IM, ICQ, IRC, and Jabber for Google Talk (pro version only). Sorry, only used for Windows PCs, not Macs nor Linux. For Linux, Mac, BSD, and of course, Windows, there’s always Gaim. With Trillian, there are tons of plug-ins, tons of skins, video chats, audio chats. Most of the features are free – the pro version is only $25 – which include Google Talk and lots of Video and Audio features not included in free version. Compare the 2 versions for yourself. The cool news is the development for the next generation of Trillian, Trillian Astra, is underway. It’s super cool and has a direct web browser log-on, so it’s not computer-specific. You can also easily interface with you my space page. Check out the new features – but you may want to wait for beta version to come out before trying it.

BTW, another fun, on-line, multi-version IM client is Meebo. They’re a bit ahead of Trillian, but knowing the developers at Trillian, they’ll kick but once new product is released. Want to chat with me? Just drop me an email and I’ll give you my IM name.

Tech Support
(old school)

You think we have it hard today! Look what the ancient biblical scholars had to deal with!

Tech Support
(current state of affairs)

This is by far one of the funnies parodies, Call Center Movie, of all time in regards to tech support. I still don’t understand why the folks in India insist on saying, “This is George, this is Martha,” when we know they are in India and they have Indian accents. Are we really supposed to be fooled by this?

Superbowl Ads, What’s Running on my PC?

Peyton Manning of the Colts, the MVP of the SuperBowl, gets a big ol’ Hug

Superbowl Ads

Well, the SuperBowl is over and depending on your perspective either the Bears lost or the Colts won. My team, the San Francisco 49rs, lost right before the play offs. Oh, well. They’re looking mighty good for a losing team. We all know the real start of the SuperBowl – the SuperBowl Ads. So, here they are, enjoy!

What’s Running on my PC?

As your Windows machine gets older and older, it usually gets slower and slower. The major cause of this is downloading programs, uninstalling the programs you don’t need and the stuff that gets left behind. Another problem is Internet Security software. Much of the software these days is quite memory intensive. We recommend you have at least 1 G of RAM if you have any of the major Internet Security Suites. So, you want to see exactly want is dragging your system down. You can click on the Windows logo, go to “Run” and type in “msconfig.” You click on the “startup” tab and you primarily see hieroglyphics. Another option is a cool new program I’ve found called What’s Running. I’ve seen similar programs come and go. I’ve also seen many dictionaries interpreting the abbreviated processes. This program is by far the best I’ve seen at telling you what’s running, what’s been installed, what to do about it and the means to stop the processes. It even works on Windows Vista! Check it out today!