Pet Food Recall Resources

Keep Your Pet Safe
during this horrible tragedy of Greed over Health

Adrienne, my kind, gentle companion

Dylan, my dearly departed kitty

Here are some valuable sites to check out before feeding your pet.

Note: Both Wet and Dry food are affected (newest sites listed first)

100 brands of food have been recalled, at least 16 pets have died by lax pet food standards.
Check out this May 25th 2007 update.

Paul Newman – Will most likely be remembered for his great food products,
Didn’t even know his company made Pet food – no recall there!

Government Site – appears to be continuously updated –

Carol and Aspen, my friends!

2nd searchable database

3rd searchable database

April 22, 2007 article – a 3rd company recalls it’s food

Comprehensive CNN article – poor Yorky ;-(

Good list of articles on the subject

In my sphere of friends, I only have one friend whose dog almost died of kidney failure. She’s her in California.

Be safe with our little friends/children!

PS. I will be updating this weekly until this mess is over! If you subscribe to blog, you’ll get email reminder each time I update the resources.

Last Update 5-26-2007

Passover Time


The secret’s out. No, not that secret, the not-so-secret revelation that I’m Jewish. Although I don’t go to Temple often, I love all things Jewish, especially Jewish humor, and all the vegetarian Jewish food. I went to a Seder this past week with my sister and parents at my parent’s temple in Walnut Creek. A good time was had by all. The food, on the whole, was good, except for the cold vegetarian matzo ball soup.

So, almost forgot, I want to share a really funny video that was sent to me by Jay Davidson. It’s all about passover. It’s called Manischewitzville. Enjoy!!

On another note, kudos to the Google head chefs, as they supplied Kosher for Passover foods all week in all their cafeterias. They also labeled many of their foods with Jewish stars to indicate if they were Kosher or not. Is there anything Google doesn’t do right??