Fun Fish

Just some Fun Fish…

Why? Why Not? I love creativity when it comes to these cool paintings on people’s bodies. This is one of the few “G” rated ones I’ve seen in a while!

Amazing Music Player – not Apple Product

The Ultra Hydra
I Shuffled Off and Bought One

The Ultra Hydra 2 G splash-resistant player is an incredible deal at only $39. It has all the features of most of the MP3 players out there at 50% of the price. Great graduation or back to school gift.

Features of this cool little unit

>Splash resistant
>Display, so you can see songs playing and choose visually
>500 MP3 128bit encoded songs
>Drag and drop songs to it – no interface/software needed
>WMA support (don’t need to convert MP3 songs)
>FM Radio
>Voice Recorder
>Mac and Windows support
>1 AAA battery
>Super geek You-Tube review

(For this awesome price of $39 – you got an 8 pack of AAA batteries thrown in – free!)

By comparison….

iPod Shuffle – 1 G – $79 – 240 songs, coolness factor, iTunes store (no display, no radio, no voice, no WMA, no super geek review, not splash resistant, non-replaceable battery, twice the price)

SanDisk Sansa e250 – 2 G – $109.99 – 500 songs, more iPod like in design, FM radio, voice recorder, lithium battery, record from radio, don’t need to sync with computer, watch video and photos in color, transfer songs from laptop to desktop like any other USB device, user replaceable battery, expandable micro-SD slot to add more storage (almost 3x the price, no geek review, not splash resistant)

ipod Nano – 2 G – $149 – 500 songs, display, iTunes store, super cool colors, watch video and photos in color (no radio, no voice, no WMA, no super geek review, not splash resistant, non-replaceable battery, 4x the price)

The deal I have highlighted here is only good through Monday at Tiger Direct, but you can still buy the device afterwards at prices from $59 – $89. Don’t like orange – pay a little more and get black, yellow or pink.

In looking at comments – main negative – make sure to keep a fairly full battery in unit – otherwise songs may be erased. As I just ordered mine today – not sure if this is true or not.