Eye-Fi – Wireless Downloading of Photos

Eye-Fi – Wireless Downloading of Photos

I’ve seen this card for some time and I’m drooling over the prospect of having and using one. It looks just like an ordinary (except for the Orange color) SD card, but there’s a difference. It has wireless capability in it. You install Eye-Fi manager on your computer (PC or Windows), have the computer on and once you’ve taken photos, you can download to your computer.

In addition to uploading wirelessly to your computer, you can set it to wireless upload to your favorite social-networking site (Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, etc.) or photo printing site (Costco, Snapfish, Picasa, etc.) Costs about $90 on Amazon or Costco. It’s a bit pricey for now, early adopters un-discount!

Check it out and let me know your experiences. Mine is on its way!

Videos – Trains, Popping, Pooping, Beatles

Fun Video Day
Trains, Popping, Pooping, Beatles

And you think our markets are crowded!! How ’bout a train going through them?

What’s popping at CES? The Corn Computer, that’s what!

What’s pooping on Channel 7 news?

Nothing like a little Beatles to end the Blog. Low tech meets high tech.

One Page Business Plan – Vision Statement Fun

One Page Business Plan – Your Vision Statement

What a great way to start off the year, develop your one page business plan, then put it to music/video! This completely rocks! I can’t stop watching the video for “The Vision Statement.”

My favorite part of “The Vision Statement” – The truth is “You only get what you really want!”

One Page Business Plan

A group of friends and I got together to do our business plans for the year to come. We actually took 2. 5 days off from work, during the work week, to focus on our intentions and plans. There’s an awesome workbook you use to fill out your business plan for the year, 5 years, 10 years. You can work on your own or with friends or fellow consultants. We had 10 in our group and we divided into partners for about 70% of the book. I highly recommend you get the book, which comes with a CD full of forms, and get a group together to start the New Year with a Plan. Once you have a plan and a vision statement, put it all to cool images and music with….

Video Vision Statement

This guy Malcolm is frenetic, fun, exciting and visionary. It’s all about “manifesting.” He has a great demo of a video vision statement. He also provides tools for your vision. There are places to get free photos and free music. It’s like doing Treasure Mapping, but using the web. The tools work for both Mac and Windows. Once you’re done, post it on YouTube and let the world know your vision. What’s also cool is playing it 2 times a day morning and night for yourself. It’s all about the “law of attraction.” I’ll keep you posted when mine’s posted!

Clyde’s Tech Tips – Sharing Music, Large Files, Stickies



Volume 8 Issue 1



Stickies, Sending Large Files, Sharing Your Music


It’s time to refresh Clyde’s Tech Tips. We’re changing to a new format
with a four-part, easy to read, easy to use, informative eZine. You’ll
find a helpful website, a cool program that will be for both Mac and
Windows computers, Q&A, and Words of Wisdom. The Q&A will be strictly
based on your suggestions and questions. Your feedback is welcome on
the new format.
Enjoy the New Year!

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Helpful Website: Project Playlist
Project Playlist is a wonderful Web 2.0 site (basically meaning
collaborative website, not one person controlling it) where you get to
make playlists of your favorite music. Tons and tons of music is on
the site; you just search out your favorite groups or songs and make a
play list of them. You can make several playlists. You can look at
other playlists and find songs you like and add these to your
playlist. The site has a “friends” feature where you can exchange
playlists. The fun thing about the site is you have your music
wherever you can access a computer. There are direct links to iTunes,
so you can buy tracks to put on your MP3 player. Once you’ve created
your playlists, you can put them on Facebook, MySpace and several
other community sites. I’ve put my playlists on my Facebook and
MySpace pages. Are you my friend? Check out Clyde’s Playlists.(There
are four of them.) Let me know when you have one! Thanks for the tip,

Project Playlist:

Clyde’s Facebook page:

Clyde’s MySpace page:

Clyde’s playlists:

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Make My Computer Run Faster!!
Due to the popularity of this promotion, we’ve held it over for one
more month!

“Clyde’s Make My Computer Run Faster program saved me over $1000. I
was ready to toss my laptop out the window and buy a new one. Instead
Clyde worked his magic and saved it. Now it runs great. My IT
headaches are gone and the life of my computer has been extended —
which is priceless.”
– Beth Schneider, President of www.processprodigy.com

Let us get your #1 tool (your computer) working for you instead of
against you. For $199 (normally $275) we replace frustration, stress
and anxiety with reassurance, confidence and peace/harmony by Making
Your Computer Run Faster!!

Ready? Call the office today at 408.732.8500 and just say,”Make My
Computer Run Faster” for this discounted rate.

Musical Side Note: Speaking of iTunes, did you know the folks at Apple
are now selling some songs without DRM (Digital Rights Management)?
What this means is that you get to own the song forever and do not
have to use iTunes to play songs purchased there. Besides iTunes, two
other great sites have emerged as Music Download leaders: eMusic and
Amazon. All of eMusic and Amazon music is DRM-free. If Apple wants to
stay in the music game, they’ll need to follow suit, as most folks
(including me) don’t want their music tied to a website/company.


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Cool Program: Stickies
Ahhh… the ubiquitous Sticky Note. How did we ever remind ourselves
of anything before Arthur Fry invented the Post-It Note in 1974? Well,
since I wasn’t born yet (just kidding), I’ve had Stickies around for
most of my life. I’ve been using the Stickies program developed by Tom
Revell for as many years as I’ve been in business. It’s donationware;
if you use it often, give Tom some $$ for his wonderful donation to
the computing world. Just download, install and you’ll have a little
Stickie note located in the lower right corner of your screen. Click
on it and you can make your own Stickie note. You can change colors,
transparencies, even email Stickies to friends, colleagues and family!

In the Mac environment, Jens Alfke invented Stickies while employed at
Apple(he still is) which is included in Mac Operating System 7.5 and
beyond. He didn’t get paid for the application he developed, but he
did get a bonus. So, for the Mac, just click on the Applications
folder and Stickies is waiting for you to use!

Stickies program:

History of the post-it note:

Stickies developed for the Mac:

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Did you miss sending Holiday Cards?
Time to send a PRINTED New Year’s greeting card. Send your
Hallmark-Style card through the mail (not an ecard) for about $1!!

You have 20 top clients and you want to them to continue to think of
you, rather then your competitor. How do you get them to think of you?
I make it easy with Send Out Cards. With our system, you can
methodically, for about two mins/client, send out a pre-made follow-up
card that has the quality and warmth of a Hallmark card for about 1/4
of the cost. For about $1 (no traveling to the store involved), you
sit down at your computer – pick a card – write the card in your own
handwriting font – your own signature – and have us print it, stuff
it, seal it, stamp it, and send it to your clients – anywhere in the
world. All for $1 including postage. Without doing much more than
typing in a person’s mailing address, including zip code, you’ve just
made their day. Heck, if you want, you can even include a Starbucks,
iTunes, or Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card for your special clients.
Better yet, send them a dozen scrumptious brownies or two dozen
cookies to give them a sweet start to the New Year! Contact us at
www.sendcardswithease.com or call 408.732.8500 today – we’ve already
set up a free gift account for you!

Send Cards With Ease:
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Q&A: Sending Large Files
Q: I have a lot of photos and I want to email them full resolution to
my mom. (Similar Question: I’m a musician and I want to email the
latest song I’ve recorded.) I’ve learned from experience email is just
not the key. I usually give up and just make a CD and mail it. Isn’t
there an easier way to send these files?

A: With Mail Big File, You Send It, and Send This File you can send
big files to folks at no charge through their handy-dandy interfaces.
They all have upgraded versions of their service (for a small fee), if
you wish to send to more recipients, send bigger files or send
encrypted files. Make sure not to send anything confidential with
these services unless you go for encrypted options. One other option
is to open a Gmail account. You can send up to 20 mb of attachments in
a single email.

Mail Big File:

You Send It:

Send This File:

Words of Wisdom
“You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the
rabbit and plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.”
– Harvey Diamond (so will Clyde Lerner)

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Hope you enjoyed the ride!
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The Landlord by Will Ferrell – Super Funny Video

You’ve heard lots about this funny video, but you just haven’t seen it or can’t get enough of it. Why not zoom right into the video here – every day, every hour. It won’t move.

It’s way funny! Check it out now – can she really be his landlord?

How ’bout their follow-up hit? Good Cop – Baby Cop? Not as funny, but still a hoot!