Online PR Distribution Services

Online PR Distribution Services

My buddy Susan just published this article on using PR to promote ones business. Wanted to pass it on to everyone!

Enjoy, Clyde!

You have something fabulous to announce to the world!

So, what online press release distribution service do you use?

Writing your press releaseWith so many to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. If you do a search for newswire services, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the possibilities. You might either give up or go overboard, spending lots of unnecessary money and duplicating your efforts.

Before you do either, first consider what you want your press release to do for you. Do you want it to be primarily a public relations tool to get your news out? Or would you rather that it be a search-marketing tool that can provide search-engine visibility and target prospects? If you’re thinking like a savvy businesswoman, the answer is: both.

You will gain excellent visibility if you:

Optimize your press release through the strategic use of keyword-rich headlines and body copy.
Include extensive links back to your website or specific landing page.
Distribute your release through the right online newswire services.

When you optimize your press release, it will also be indexed quickly in the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Also, each time your release is picked up by another website, it also creates a link back to your site.

Once you’ve decided what you want your press release to do for you, the next step is to determine which online newswire service (or combination of more than one) you want to use. Would a free service be best, or would a paid service be better?

Free PR Distribution Services

Some of these newswire agencies are free. Others offer free basic services and then charge fees for expanded services. Fees range from $20 to over $200 and are generally used by small to medium-sized online businesses.

• www.i-newswire.com
• www.pressbox.co.uk
• www.pr.com
• www.prleap.com
• www.prlog.com
• www.prweb.com
• www.theopenpress.com
• www.24-7pressrelease.com

PR Web is on the leading edge of online news releases and is geared towards optimized press releases.

Paid PR Distribution Services to Consider

Writing your press releaseMost of these paid services offer multiple payment options, depending on your distribution preferences. Commensurately, their services are more expensive ($500 to $700 per 400-word release and can include an annual membership fee of $100+). These are the newswire services that tend to be used by traditional PR agencies for their corporate clients.

• www.businesswire.com
• www.ereleases.com
• www.eworldwire.com
• www.internetnewsbureau.com
• www.marketwire.com
• www.massmediadistribution.com
• www.pressrelease365.com
• www.prnewswire.com
• www.send2press.com
• www.urlwire.com
• www.xpresspress.com
PR Newswire is the world leader in the electronic delivery of news releases and information directly from companies, institutions, and agencies to the media, financial community, and consumers.

Choosing your online press release distribution service doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s easy, once you know what you want your press release to do for you. If you just want to get your announcement out, then consider a free PR distribution agency. If you’d like to be included in major search engines, generating links and targeting prospects, then an expanded fee newswire agency will serve you well.

For the highest exposure and maximum visibility, you can’t beat the service of a paid PR distribution agency. They will get your news seen at the top of major search engines, and their RSS/XML feeds will get your news distributed to thousands of interested journalists. PR game plan

Take the time now to review the options and decide which PR distribution service is best for you.

This way, you’ll leverage your press releases to greatest advantage
and position your business for success.

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My Cat or Dog Is Sick – Now What? Test Cat IQ!

My Cat or Dog Is Sick – Now What?

Pet Side is a great place to do a diagnosis of your cat or dog’s health. You start by click on the “dog” or “cat.” If you cannot figure out the difference, my sympathies go to your rabbit. After you clicked on cat, click on the part of the cat, then pick the behavior, than click on “possible conditions” (this is where the site separates the “mock” vets from the real McCoy). You’ll see a good write up on the condition and what to do. Next step, ask “Dr. Lauren” or Call the vet!!

This site is more “symptom” based with a long list of stuff. I’d compare the results of PetSide to this site and see which one you like better. I’m sure, depending on your brain type (Left Brain or Right Brain), you’ll like one better!
We all know we have the smartest cat on the planet. Well, now’s your chance to quantify the number. Let me know how it turns out!

I Live Inpired every day at noon

This is a wonderful service where you get a text message sent to your phone every day at a specified time. There are 16 different channels (types of inspirational messages) you can choose from including Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Smoking Cessation, 12 Step Recovery, The Speed of Trust, Inspirational Coaching for Women, Inspired Parenting and more. I’m sure they’ll be adding more and more channels as the site matures. It’s a paid for service – only US $3.95/month. They have a 45 day free trial which is very generous these days.

You can have a different channel each day, if you wish. I have 7 different ones for now – to see who I like best. You can change the channels any time you wish. So far the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa are winning out! You can also give a 3 month subscription as a gift.

Artist Spotlight – Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder – Musical Genius

With Stevie Wonder (9,240,000 hits on Google!) going on tour for the hundredth or so time – okay, he’s just turning turning 58 on May 13th, so that may be an exaggeration – I thought I’d spotlight some of his videos. I’ll be seeing him on July 5th for the 2nd time in Mt. View California. BTW, tix go on sale this Sunday – May 11th! This is his first show in 10 years! I saw Stevie Wonder with my sister at the Oakland Coliseum in the ’90s! Would love to hear your stories – tell ’em here – of your Stevie Wonder Concert going experiences. Until then, I’ll be living for the city.

Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles

Steve Wonder playing Superstition on Sesame Street – 1973
Listen closely for modified lyrics

Stevie Wonder with Grover on Sesame Street – 1973

Little Stevie Wonder – 1960s

Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles
Found this gem when viewing Stevie, it’s a classic!