Green and Red Check Marks by my files – Why?

The excellent and only program we recommend for backup, Mozy, has been upgraded recently for the Mac and Windows. For most of you, the update will take place on its own. If you haven’t updated in a while, it’s time to update. Go to Mozy, log in, and choose “Download Mozy” from the left column. Choose either the Windows or Mac version, download and install it.

With this new update, you’ll know exactly which files that are being backed up (they’ll have green dots/check marks by them) and which ones , those that are in selected folders scheduled for backup, but aren’t being backed up (they’ll have red dots/check marks).

If you’re not using our off-site backup system, why not? It’s less than $5/month and will save all your company documents, children’s photos and all the music (iTunes, Amazon Music) you downloaded! It can’t be easier. Remember having a backup drive sitting next to your computer is only good for one thing: hard drive failure. It doesn’t help you with theft & fire. Online backup solutions do. Plus online backup solutions “just work,” where on-site backup solutions, unless checked often, eventually stop working (not 100% of the time – just in almost every client we see).

Don’t forget to visit our partners page for the 10% discount when signing up.

Clyde’s Tech Tips – Google Phone (G1), Lenovo, MacAir

So, I’ve posted my latest ezine. Some good stuff, if I do say so myself 😉

Clyde and Harmony

In this issue, we delve into mobile internet stuff, watching movies and the battle of two ultra-light notebooks. The biggest news of all – quite possibly the “iPod killer” everyone keeps talking about – is the G1 or as I affectionately call it – the GooglePhone It’s really an HTC phone with Google’s new operating system, Android on the phone. I’m sure by the end of the year there will be lots of Android-powered phones. The great thing about this phone is the speed and the super cool applications it has. Next – how ‘bout watching your Netflix movies – on your TV – without a computer? We tell you how! One of my most fun new services is Watacrackaz which allows you to send text messages right from the web – without a phone – to anywhere in the world! Lastly, we end with a comparison, some funny, of the Lenovo x300
and the Mac Air.