Weekly Update Digest – The Good News and Just the Good News

April 19, 2009

“Awesome National Geographic article – baby woolly mammoth, 39,000 years old, found in Siberia.

Did you know 300,000 people have been killed in Darfur? Watching “Darfur, Now” movie. How could we as a humans let this happen? Feeling helpless.

“Wow, Susan Boyle beautiful voice continues to inspire me. The video is on its way to 50,000,000 views. When did we start listening to music with our eyes?”

April 20, 2009

Give me 1 good reason I shouldn’t throw caution to the wind, leave work early and go to either Santa Cruz or Pacifica beach, Northern Calif.

April 24, 2009

#followfriday @joelcomm, @tferris., @vindugoel, @queenmarypat, @cyndicraven and @clutterdiet. Thanks all!”

Doing some gardening – with my sister, Suzanne, one of two awesome sisters!

April 25, 2009
“Some White House Levity. Bo, the Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog puppy. A gift from Sen Ted Kennedy. How cute!

“Adam @secretsushi rocked the house with tonight’s Tweet-UP @sonyapaz! Thanks for organizing!”

Clyde became a fan of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

It’s almost like trick photography. Man, can this kid beat it!
Amazing Beatbox Kid – CollegeHumor Video
He also plays a mean air guitar.

Susan Boyle – When did we start listening with our Eyes?

Here’s the smash sensation Susan Boyle.

Here are both songs she sings – so far – in 2009 (I Dreamed a Dream) and in 1999 (Cry Me a River). She makes me feel so great every time I listen to both of these songs. As of 4/20/2009, the youtube video has had 100,000,000 hits!

I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables – 2009 Britain’s Got Talent

Cry Me a River by Susan Boyle

For the younger set – Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River

Weekly Update Digest: “The Good News, and Just the Good News”

April 13

Had a stupendous Passover Seder with my family.

Fun at Church on Easter Sunday!

April 14

Manic Monday – just a little too true – Great Cover of Prince Song ♫ http://blip.fm/~49m6q

April 15
Coldwell Banker, Here I come to give a talk on Social Networking! Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and even Blip.fm are the true stars.” –

Make sure to sign up on http://www.itmonfacebook.com/ to get free answers to all your tech questions.

ClydeTechTip Here’s a fun random survey I created on Google Docs – Have fun with it! http://ping.fm/H2Z34

Off to http://www.ewomennetwork.com/ meeting, then prepping for “Does Social Marketing Really Work?” Teleconference call.

.And the 2009 Woman of the Year for the San Jose, CA Ewomen Network is . . . E.J. Hong. Congrats E.J.!!! http://www.ejhong.com/

April 17 10 am
Wow – Oprah has 44,531 followers – and only follow 9 people – without a single tweet! Update 4/18-11:15pm – 317,300

Can’t stop watching Susan Boyle video! Just a reminder – Don’t judge a singer by her age/appearance. Guess she’s being 17 – again. Susan Boyle – British Idol

Caaahlifornia Gouvenor (sic) Ahnold at the peak of his career as body builder. http://ping.fm/eHgR0 Might want to turn speakers down.
>ClydeTechTip Mind Mapping. Such a great way to organize your thoughts (and books!). Free online tool! www.budurl.com/clydesblog

OMG, a Windows Desktop PC for only $179 – what will they think of next? www.budurl.com/cheapdeals

Mind Mapping – Free Online – On Computer

Just found this way cool mind mapping software, called Bubbl! We’ve all done diagramming, flow charting, free association, and mapping the inner sanctum of our mind. But, Mind Mapping? What the heck is it?

No, it’s not the next Internet Quiz Maker/Taker monster. No, it’s not the latest internet-Rorschach-Psych craze either. It’s an updated way of communicating or presenting ideas: its “think bubbls” for your brainstorms and business ideas (you know those little bubbles over characters’ heads in cartoons?

My first thought when I started tooling around with Bubbl was, “Wish I had this in the College Years. That woulda been a great way of taking notes. Man, college kids these days got it so easy compared to 10+ years ago!”

A couple of examples of Mind Mapping from MindTools for Time Management. Look how creative these can get!

Then, I started thinking about a website that I’d been working on. I realized I can use this as a model for developing this site, and expressing all of its links.

Then I remembered that I was in the middle of another project that might be better organized by using the bubbl technique. Suddenly, it’s “Goodbye, Flipcharts!” and “Goodbye, Power Point!” “Good Night, little red cursor, jumping over the moon!” Hello, Bubbl. I can use this new tool for seminars, speeches, product introductions, marketing collateral, etc, etc…I keep coming up with ideas for new uses. It’s easy to collaborate with my team, or to include other teams.

And, oh yeah. It’s free.

You can make as many new “Sheets” for different projects as you need. Here’s a generic one a friend of mine shared with all of her staff for an upcoming Board Meeting.

If you’re not into having it online, here are some alternatives:

MindApp – $59 – Windows only

MindJet – $349 – Windows; $120 Web; $129 Mac

Stephen Pierce demonstrates how to mindmap a book while reading it using a flipchart. Of course, we’d read book with our computer near buy so we can use our favorite mindmapping software!

Free Facebook Seminar – April 9th – for best Facebook Story – post it here – http://ping.fm/OWjk0 . Winner announced Wed – 5 pm