Virtual Answering / Transcribing services

Since cell phones and services have gained popularity, public display of cell phones and accouterments have gained unpopularity. As much as we all carry disdain for the person two and a half feet away, screaming into a device about something horrendously boring, none of us can think of letting go of our toys.

Now the toys are fighting back against maniacal cell-phone perpetrators. Rules of etiquette, hands-free laws, and personal preference: As we progress in this digital era, our gadgets are changing the way we communicate. One useful change I want to see a lot of: Virtual answering and transcribing services.

Reading voicemail is much more convenient than listening to voicemail. If you don’t believe me, think back to the last time someone left you a message with a phone number or address, and you tried to memorize it because you were driving.

My Favorites
Got Voice – Best Transcription Service
Google Voice – By Invitation Only

Weekly Update fromTech Guy who Likes Cats 8/15

August 15, 2009
“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.” – Elizabeth Bibesco

Original Dog Directory – take your dog on a walk – in a public park!

Another hiking with dog’s site. Nation-wide. Me and the cats just buzz around the townhouse complex. Video soon 😉

August 14, 2009
Hate the way Gmail groups threads? Tip – change the subject line every time you send email. No more grouping!

Off to Harbin Hot Springs and Cobb Mountain with my good buddy Tom and his son. Love Harbin!
Amazing Deals – Notebooks – under $500; Netbooks – under $225; Printers under $100 –

August 13, 2009
Dang, a cool place to find Firefox Extensions all organized in easy to follow way.

Victory for the little guy against Microsoft. Microsoft – time to stop selling MS Word 😉 !

Woh – watch out next time you order a pizza!

Very grateful for Send Out Cards. I’ve been with them for 4+ years – longer than anyone else in my geographic area and I continue to get rewarded for my diligence and showing the greatest marketing tool since Facebook! We don’t have 250,000,000 users – yet ;-)! Feel free to send 1-2 real, hold in your hand, with a stamp on ’em, greeting cards – on me.

Please avoid the circuses if you can this weekend. They are the “Cruelest Show on this Earth.” It would appall you if I went in to details of how the mistreated the elephants. I won’t – just trust me on this one.

August 12, 2009
Usability experts’ Top 10 Folk to Follow!
August 11, 2009
@asin 12 Twitter Ebooks-GiveAway – No Optin Required – Get Your Free Twitter Ebooks
Un-peel an egg and get 2.5M hits on youtube Go Tim Ferriss of 4 Hour Work Week.

Buy Entertainment books at very low prices – clearance! Movie Tickets $6.50

RT @mashable Ellen DeGeneres Twitter Follower to Win $1,000

Funny or Die’s GI Joe Parody – Have to watch movie to know how funny this is.

Okay, I’ve played this song – like 50 times today. So I must share it. So much fun.

OMG, Twitter is DOWN. The sky is falling, The sky is falling. The world is coming to an end!!

August 10, 2009
Time to get your Social Media “house” in order!! Linked In, Twitter, Facebook Training. Rock the House! Aug 19th

Build your mission statement. Free – yeah, that’s right – totally free! What have you got to lose?

@adryenn Are you sure those aren’t your bucket list items – especially last one ;-)!

@simplycassandra great packing tips for vacation travel from @clutterdiet
““If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” – Mother Teresa

Who wants to see the movie The Cove in next week or so?

Elizabeth – what a wonderful program. You are so smart and so generous for giving away the guts of this project while giving those who want to a chance to buy transcripts and CDs mastered by you.

Facebook acquires FriendFeed. Wow – thanks for tip Adam – Twitter has even MORE competition now. I think this is the next step in consolidation of Social Media. I bet Facebook will kill off Friendfeed, as it’s very duplicative of many of Facebook features.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What
we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” – Albert Pine
Uh-oh, only 6 more days to get $50 discount on this great workshop!! Isn’t it time you rose above “just having” a Linked In, Twitter and Facebook Personal and Business Account?

Tech Support from Far, Far, Away

“Aagh!! It’s like my computer’s haunted!” she squealed, just before breaking up into an uproarious laughter. She was in upstate New York. I was at my computer from Sunnyvale, and I was in control. It was a match made in techie heaven.

allows users to control their clients’ devices for remote support, access and backup. This is a good thing, but don’t get all Big Brother paranoid: It won’t work without express permission from both users. So let’s say there’s a problem in the office with the network. The client calls me, and you know the rest: “Nothing communicates, the printer doesn’t respond, we’ve got a deadline to meet at 5:00, and I don’t know anything about this stuff!”

As long as a) She’s downloaded and Installed Log Me In and b) She’s given me her username and password, we can fix this. I now have complete control of her cursor, her windows, all of it. She gets to watch me fix her computer without me having to spend time, money, and carbon-neutrality on gas getting over to her office.

If you’re the client, you get to put the phone on speaker, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show while I zip through the Start menu, the control panel, your bachelor party pictures on Facebook–just kidding!–and get it done in a matter of moments. No one has to install anything for the instant, in-service, IT support. This works on PCs, Macs, Smartphones & iPhones. Maybe even as a practical joke on the gullible schmuck in the cubical next door. Again: Kidding!

Another awesome application is that if you work away from home but have to occasionally check your home email or listen to a tune or two. You can install Log Me In on your home comptuer and access it from work. LogMeIn.com is rarely blocked at the office, since IT guys and gals use it so much!

And – wow – Log Me In is giving away TONS of prices – just for joining their Email list! Enter today!

P.S. Whenever we work on someone’s machine, we explicitly “disable” Log Me In when we leave. If by some strange change you use another IT support company, make sure Log Me In is disabled when they are not explicitly working on your computer. Right click on Log Me In icon to check the status. If it says “enable log me in,” you know it’s enabled.

Weekly Update from Tech Guy who Likes Cats

August 9, 2009
Woh! MS Office – $74!! Laptop $399 NEW!!! It’s not too good to be true, it is true! August 8, 2009
Got mac? Get free Windows – Windows 7 – good through jun-1-10. Install with Bootcamp.

Playing with Windows 7. I like what I see. Windows Vista (oops bad word) with bells & whistles.

Just finished with planning out her strategy for Social Media client for cool affirmation cards, like Angel cards.

Had a wonderful time with my friend Alina at the FREE Greg Kihn show at Santa Cruz boardwalk. The place is beautiful and I loved the Free Fall ride the best!! The Santa Cruz. The Giant Dipper, one of the greatest “old tyme” roller coasters is celebrating its 85th birthday!

Buy and Sell Electronics/Gadgets – very easy – Gazelle

Can anyone get the “ignore all” button to work under “Requests” in Facebook? Is anyone out there?

The anti-donut breakfast

August 5, 2009
just listened to Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John on Grooveshark: here.

First, Chrystal’s fine Boot Camp; then My Kick Butt Social Media – “to-do”s done in 2 hours

OMG, Grooveshark, is so much better than Pandora! You get to pick the exact songs/artists. Yeah!

just listened to Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan cover) by Green Day on Grooveshark

All we are – is Dust in the Wind. . .

Buy and Sell Electronics/Gadgets – very easy – Gazelle

@Pistachio: @amcafee:”The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” – Ellen Parr

Friend has idea for on-line app similar to site where woman can try different hair styles by moving objects on/off person. Know a developer?

The power of “the click!” Please join.

Remember this from the 60s? I’m just about to put my TV out of commission.

Weird starting to video – not sure what this is in response to – but so wonderful hearing Marvin singing without music. Amazing artist. We miss you Marvin!

Weird starting to video – not sure what this is in response to – but so wonderful hearing Marvin singing

without music. Amazing artist. We miss you Marvin!

August 3, 2009
Ahhh…Memories…..Clyde in 2nd grade! How fun!

Frys, Palo Alto. 1 salesman. 8 customers in laptop dept. What recession? Same ol’ Frys….

Cloud Computing Comes alive. Share your documents. Sync your documents. Save your documents. On the Internet Cloud.

Wow – Cool Bob Dylan Interview ♫

This MAKE is for my no-dairy, no-meat, no-white flour (if you omit the croutons)loving friends who are looking for a quick, casual summer lunch. Proof that vegan food rocks!

August 2, 2009
“Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” – John Petit-Senn

So on, Monday, 8/17, You went to the Social Media Boot Camp and you’re thinking:
“Wow that was great information I learned, now what? How am I ever going to get all those action items I piled up accomplished? Kick Butt Boot Camp!

Weekly Update from Tech Guy who Loves Cats 8/1

August 1, 2009
Awaiting yummy food at Cha-Ya in SF, then ‘Not A Genuine Black Man’ play with a good friend.

Dang, last day for sale! First, Social Media Bootcamp (8/17) , then Social Media Butt Kicking (8/19)

Wait!! You mean I can ask any technology or social networking question and get an answer for FREE in 24-48 hours, just by becoming a fan? How cool! I’ll try it today!! In The Moment Computing on Facebook!

July 31, 2009
Dang, last day for sale! First, Social Media Bootcamp (8/17) , then Social Media Butt Kicking (8/19)

July 30, 2009

Social Media Boot Camp + Lunch for $41? Sale ends Friday. I’m IT Support. My “Kick Butt Camp” follows 2 days later.

I upgraded to HootSuite 2.0 because it’s the most awesome way to schedule Tweets!

Michael Jackson – 32 DVDs + 1 CD – Many of his concerts throughout the years – All Jackson 5 songs – $99!

Yearbook Yourself 2009

July 29, 2009

@GeiKawauso : One more reason why I don’t trust Best Buy’s Geek Squad or Sales Reps.

Adam Helweh is giving great talk oat San Francisco Design Center

2 Speaking Engagements in a row. Conference Call & Speaking at SF Design Center, “Making Tech Work for you Not Against U” Need a speaker?

Michael Jackson – 32 DVDs + 1 CD – Many of his concerts throughout the years – All Jackson 5 songs – $99!

Holy, Moly, Live Nation has done it again! It’s 50% off concert tickets in your area – today only – Wednesday –

Adam Helweh and I delivered a great “one-two” punch of presentations at the Luxury Marketing Council: Boot Camp on Recession-Proofing Your Business. New name for my talk – “Taming Your Technology.” What do you think of it?

July 28, 2009
Okay, we all know about www.pandora.com. Did you know about www.beck.com – where Beck is recording covers of full CDs and make them available track/track for free downloads? How ’bout the cool new music download site – www.jamendo.com? Gotta love th e Internet!

This is the coolest site in the world! You just go to this site, and skip all the numbers and get right to a human. This works great for “unlisted” number on almost all tech support/banking sites. gethuman.com–customer service help, contact info, complaints, praise, ratings for businesses

Straight from the horse’s mouth. It ain’t true that FB uses your photos to sell stuff to the world. Still, you have option to “opt-out” of having your photo shown – even to your friends – regarding signing up as a fan for a certain group. Do it under “Settings, Privacy, News Feed and Wall, Facebook Ads.” Go down to bottom and select “none.” Debunking Rumors about Advertising and Photos

July 27, 2009
Cool Prices Dragon Naturally Speaking-Talk Into Computer, Watch words appear, $49 (reg $200)+$499 Laptop

Wow – AVG really screwed up on this one! If you’re using AVG & iTun

es you’re in for a big surprise. Follow these easy instructions to fix things.

I had such a glorious time at Loon Lake. Thanks, Alexandra, for the tip on jumping from dangerously high rocks! Loved that part of the trip!!

July 26, 2009

Home after a glorious 3 day mini-vacation to Loon Lake in the Eldorado National Forest – on the way to Tahoe – 4+ hours to get there from Sunnyvale! Would recommend it highly to everyone. Highlight – jumping from 30′ rock. Went with LuvMonkey’s group. Had a wonderful time. Hiked – Swam – Ate – Jumped off 30′ Rock. Got a little sunburn, too. All in all – a Great trip!

Wow! GPS for only $59 and a 1 T backup drive for only $89 – go for it!