Sell Your Music Online without iTunes

The new face of the Music Business gets down to the knitty-gritty: who’s got the goods that the public wants. If you’re a starving artist, you can get to work and quit starving without praying for The Industry Man to like you enough to manage you and your gigs.

ReverbNation – 50% of funds go back to the artist. That might sound like a lot, but it is really great for exposure when you have a service that is driven to back up your sales. You or your band can put together a presskit, as well as post info, numerous photos, showtimes, blog, twitter integration…. Collect fans who can leave comments (building up your online community!), play and add songs to their queue, bookmark your songs, and email your song to their friends. Pretty rockin’, huh?

Artist Nation – for Classical and other non-rock, non-rap musical groups

This is a an online community for performing artists of all types, skill levels, nationalities and ages. Free membership includes a feature with your bio, photo, video, concert history, PSE indexing, and soon an event schedule.

Expand your fanbase: Listeners looking for undiscovered musicians can search and preview your music.

Audio Life – Create a Store – Sell Your Music Your very own store with your very own music. They give you the tools for you to design merchandise, CDs, ringtones and downloads. Once you create a store, post it to your website, blog or social network. They’ll manufacture and distribute all of your products when they’re purchased. There’s no upfront cost for the merchandise, just a flat fee for production as your products are ordered. Also features very informative blogs from industry media moguls.

If you’re more like me, you can pick a better tune with your taste than an instrument. You can still get involved with the new music business in the 21st century:
liceThePie A financing platform for the music industry that enables new and established artists to raise money directly from investors and fans. Investors looking to help a band grow, get a 10% return. Fans get paid to review bands, too. Get your band scouted, now!

SellABand – Invest in a band; keep the return<img
style=”margin: 0pt 0pt 10px 10px; float: right; cursor: pointer; width: 200px; height: 26px;” src=”http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_F9uABfiXRIQ/StVQj2_P6fI/AAAAAAAAADc/MwAy2yKHzw4/s200/sellaband+logo.png” alt=”” id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5392304705832479218″ border=”0″ />
if band does well

Important note: be sure to read the fine print! Some sites don’t allow multiple publishings, so be careful.

Break a leg!


Learning a new Language – Language Translation

Language is a common bridge between cultures. There are some amazing websites to help get started learning a new language. All of which have free start-ups and tutorials.

LiveMocha – 94 Languages (including Yiddish, Swahili and Zulu) offered on this site. Over 2 million users use this service in tutorials matched to their own fluent language. Interactive lessons include the practice of speaking online with native speakers and receiving feedback to help you to learn faster.

Thanks for the lead Chris Pirillo!

A wiki for slang in every language. Has options for a swear filter and rejected entry inclusions. Funny but true story: Once someone taught me to say “Have a nice day” in Nepalese. I went around saying a crude version of “You love my mom” to everyone I ran into for a month before an upstanding character corrected me. Slang dictionary would have saved a lot of face.

Radio Lingua Network offers Coffee-Break lessons, short daily tutorials that introduce conversational vocabulary and grammar skills; TwitterLearn lessons which build on your consolidated learning daily in the 140-character format on your twitter feed (Fast and FUN!); and more advanced tutorials in mp3 formats. Learn while driving or working out!
Also offers exciting soap opera-esque radio shows and podcasts that utilize your new skill, so you won’t forget how to use it.

word2word provides a compilation of links from about 100 different sites, totalling 119 free language tutorials at your fingertips.

200-Words-A-Day This site focuses on teaching you techniques for learning a language. The techniques are really similar to flashcards: pics and cartoon that illustrate the action, or facilitate memory response.

Offers conversational Spanish techniques for all levels. Pronunciation, grammar, a translator, vocabulary, travel help, daily word emails, notes on culture, and idioms are all provided. If you have some training and need help conversationally, this site is helpful. Likewise, if you need to improve your grade in Spanish Class, they have tips for that too.

Get applications for language dictionaries and verb congugators for your phone. Also offers English-alternatives intertype layouts for your Blackberry.

Google’s Online Language Translator and BabelFish on Yahoo!
Copy. Paste. Translate. Finis.

Being able to speak a native tongue will not only increase your capacity of influence in business, but will also be a lot more interesting and impressive when you venture new places.

The death of a language marks the end of a culture, so learn prolifically. Diversity of culture is essential for understanding the worldwide human experience. Comprende?

Weekly Update from Tech Guy Who Likes Cats

September 26, 2009
Web Browser Faceoff: Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome

@clutterdiet Lorie – looks great! A MAJOR achievement on your family’s part in patience and persistence!

10 Sites to Learn Something New in 10 Minutes a Day

@TonyRobbins videos at the Twitter conference plus more Tony!

You asked for it, I found ’em. Here are several Tony Robbins videos from the #140tc conference. He was so inspirational!

Has anyone tried this Chocolate Tour before? Looks fun. Want to do some weekend!

September 25, 2009

Another cool video by the sand mistress!

Way Cool News – Tim Ferris was added to BizTech Line up. Only 11 more hours to register before the price goes up again. It’s Oct 22-23rd. I’m way psyched to be going! Missed it last year.

Moving. Sad. Joyous. Exciting. Unexpected. Thrilling. Such a breath of fresh air coming from one of the “Got Talent” shows. Like a full movie, done in sand, in only 8 minutes. Spellbinding!!

@ablackonamac Twitter Conference LA – Twitter Conference – Amazing speakers. Tons of great content.

Just joined a twibe. Visit here to join.

Summary of Twitter Conference I attended early in the week. Business Week – Great stuff!

September 24, 2009

@jschulmansr: Why Nokia Would Buy Palm : The persistent merger rumors just might be true this time.

Comment on: @Pistachio Launches OneForty, Twitter’s App Store: 140 Beta Invites: I love this new site from Pistachio!

Obama health plan in 3.24 minutes. Get with the program. Don’t believe the propaganda. Just makes sense.

September 23, 2009
@ijustine it was great meeting you today at the conference. I love how down-to-earth you are. Twitter On!

Collected several websites at The Twitter Conference. Send any I missed and I’ll update.

@flyingrobot fly robot good. i love you flying robot!
@EFranz13: Social Media: Listen First, Sell Later – (via @bkmacdaddy)
@idarose Bringing people together is great, but why is it needed to talk about Twitter? “An excuse to hug each other via @tonyrobbins. “

Twitter Speed is currently around 22,455 Tweets per minute – @tweespeed
@chamillionaire Mannn I’m sick cuz I lost my sidekick but i’m confident it will pop up. Have it at 140tc? Did you lose here? We can look.

Wanna know one of the speaker’s Twitter name? Easy – go to Speaker’s Page for The Twitter Conference

@tonyrobbins am going through people you follow, as I truly respect your judgment. Definite gems!! Thanks again!

Great to hear about ObamaGarden Project via Mud Baron – Gardens for Los Angeles youth – Inspiring!!

See great photos of @drdrew supporting @NOH8Campaign

@tonyrobbins thanks for wonderful session at Twitter Conference. Loved the reinforcement of celebrating successes!
@adventuregirl “Twitter is the crack of the tech world- it meets the 6 human needs” – Tony Robbins

@MariSmith @safun: “The quality of life is the quality of your RELATIONSHIPS. Twitter is all about relationships.” @TonyRobbins [YES!]

Cool Picasa uploading tools: Flikr. Smugmug. Facebook -Twitter app?

Tony Robbins, discussing his latest TV show, “Breakthrough.” Lookin’ Good, eh?

@tonyrobbins is seconds away!! So psyched!!
WEIRD: Pee-Wee Herman Now on Twitter – Saw it first at 140tc. He was here live!!

September 22, 2009
RT @safun Just witnessed Pee Wee Herman (@peeweeherman) do his very 1st Tweet

Plz RT: I’m at the @AdlyAds launch party and want to win the @StylitTV celebrity giveaway.

Just met @safun from San Antonio at ad.ly dinner party. Pee Wee Herman just did his first tweet here 140tc.
Tyrese Gibson is one cool dude. He’s articulate and has a great marketing mind.
@tonyhawk How ironic… No T-mobile service at the Twitter Conference. Recommend Verizon ;-)!

Tony Hawk, Dr. Drew, and LeVar Burton take the stage – where’s Ashton?

“I don’t mean to Kanye you or anything…” a new verb is born, credited to @chamillionaire #140tc

@MarkRCameron The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time

The musician panel at 140tc @curtsmith (from Tears for Fears), @Chamillionaire amongst others

Musician from Tears for Fears is here as is @Chamillionaire. Guy from blip.fm is here, too. Sweet.

Dog falls for cat. A bit schmaltzy, but I needed diversion from gamer talk.

@krystyl yes, it’s fun. I voted for Kermit the frog.
@GavinNewsom was awesome at the Twitter Conference 140tc . He skyped in – Tweeted while his wife was having baby.

@krystyl The guy who started hot tweeters is here at #140tc. Krystyl, I’d vote for you, for sure!

@GuyKawasaki Cool photo of me and Guy. He asked how many people had Macs here. I was amazed – about 50%! 140tc

checking out Hot Tweeters

Hanging with @MariSmith and @GuyKawasaki at the Twitter Conference

Fun stuff for the break! Top 10 You Tube videos

Just installed ÜberTwitter. You don’t have to broadcast your location. Go into settings and uncheck all GPS stuff. It’s Easy.

@idarose: Having a great time at Twitter Conference – New media rules. Enjoy the bringing together of people LIVE

@idarose: Amused by the irony of in-person, 2 day Twitter conference. New media deserves new showcase, old habits go away slowly.

Agree with @GuyKawasaki to re-tweet REALLY interesting things 3 x day. I post 915am, 315pm and 715pm.
Wow – only one guy does @starbucks! 140tc – talking here now.

@MariSmith takes the stage with lots of experts #140c Starting International Social Media Organization

Shoot It – updated version of Send Out Cards – they send REAL Cards with photos on them

Wow! Love Shoot It – Take photo w/ iPhone or Blackberry and company sends out REAL postcard 140c

Push Gmail Comes to iPhone and Other Mobiles – Sweet announcement while at LA Twitter! 140tc

Love the fact that in addition to biztechday.com, twitter.com is supporting Room to Read – Great organization

50 vintage advertisements – Old School – while attending new School Twitter Conference

@krystyl Hey there! Looking forward to saying, “Hi,” later today.
@pcrampton I’m at the back in the far left table. Let’s meet at the break.

See what I’m seeing at Twitter Conference Live Twitter Feed!

Biz Stone, founder of Twitter, is in the House!

anyone else from Silicon Valley, San Jose?

Yeah! The conference has begun. Just learned about Nambu for the Mac/iphone. Way cool application! Now watchin’ Twalkin video

September 21, 2009
@olinaqian Bing Keeps Pecking Away At Search Share And Making Gains

Free The Slaves 27,000,000 are in slavery, right now. Found site while eating “no slavery” chocolate TCHO

@DustinLives I’ll grow through understanding. Less words, more listening and focused compassion.

@shashib @usnews : Do Job Seekers Have to Use Social Networks?
Google Launches a New Way to Read the News

Excited to be in LA for 2 Day Twitter Conference. Can’t wait to see Le Var Burton, Biz Stone, and Tony Robbins.

Loving the new Dr. House episode. It’s definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever experienced. Any other House fans out there?
September 20, 2009
6 Tips for Customizing Your Small Business Blog

@CHRISVOSS I’ve decided I’m gonna become a Rapper on Twitter, I’m gonna call myself Twitycent!

Turn your PS3/Mac into a Media Streaming Device in your Living Room

Would charging each Twitter user $1/month stop all the Spam on Twitter?

September 19, 2009
@tweetmeme Twitter Art and icons – a few favorites

Notice how last two Blackberry phones are named after war, Desert “Storm” and “Tour” of duty. What’s up with that?

@juaNINJAxo watching “The Complete Denis Leary” YESSSSS lol its not even rated on the netflix package.

@rantan Denis Leary’s album Lock n Load is prolly one of the best albums of the 90’s.

Cool 10 pound kit of post-it notes for teachers Wow!

September 18, 2009
Did you get your own Facebook site yet? Mine’s www.facebook.com/clydelerner. Just go here and grab your name. Now.

Client dropped off laptop. 2 hours later, her dead laptop was working. She had same laptop at Fry’s for 1 week. They never looked at it.

No way! Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.0 for only $29; 8.5 mp camera – $69 + more cool deals

Oooh – so economical – $0.99c iphone case – it’s even inscribed! You gotta check out this winner.
September 17, 2009
Arouse in the person an eager want. Whomever can do this will have the world with them. Whomever cannot walks a Lonely Way. Dale Carngie

Hi folks! Mind dropping me a recommendation at MrTweet? Much appreciated!

Recommended @ErinBlaskie to @MrTweetErin has an amazing amount of ideas and is constantly re-inventing herself. Sh…’

Recommended @mashable to @MrTweet ‘I love Pet’s site. He and his group are always the first to get the news about s…’

@SkeeterHansen: Twellow is a great site for locating people in your niche.

@brett: RT @adage: When to Connect on LinkedIn, Cite Sources on Twitter

@summertomato Reading: Diabetes Medications Don’t Lower Inflammation

Maybe we could try eating healthier instead?
Had a great meeting with Social Media (I’m doing his Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Blogging) client tonite. It’s so much fun!

@alferretti 16 Cool Twitter Tools for Firefox | TwitterWatchdog.com

Set a cool little custom look-up table for myself. U like?

NEW: Log In to Facebook With Your Username

Tickets are going fast for Social Media Bootcamp #2. #1 was fun, #2 will be even better. I do IT Support there..

JSNES: A NES emulator written entirely in Javascript
@gitomer: When your kid makes a mistake – hug them, don’t scold them. This hug has made international news. gitomer

Our most retweeted post now: “Another Reason to Switch to Chrome: Good Old NES Games” –
September 16, 2009
September 15, 2009
“I’ve seen many troubles in my time, only half of which ever came true.” Mark Twain

@alferretti 20 ideas to use Twitter for your Business | TwitterWatchdog.com

September 14, 2009
@cagirl195 I’ve been using Glue and I really like it! Check it out

On to safer territory – Pink singing on a trapeze – gotta be a first at Video Music Awards!

Beware of bad-mouthing Yelp. After I mentioned they removed my reviews arbitrarily, last night, they removed another 9 this morning. Scary.

Is anyone else getting 5-15 reviews knocked off every weekend? Are they picking on me and my company? Do they hate good companies?

Start every day like it’s time to party. Michael Jackson tribute on MTV. Great way to start day.

September 13, 2009

My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened. From Dale Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.”

@brett: Facebook Goes for Some Twitter Sensibility – (NYT)

Free Hugs Campaign – Official Page – my kinda Saturday afternoon!

September 12, 2009
Am I the only one who thinks Apple should get out of the networking business – and have Linksys/Cisco make their

@copywriting 44 Killer free texture sites… great for web designers – (via @andysowards)

@TwestivalMV www.twestivalmountainview.com on 9/13 looks like fun event. I’m sure you guys will have fun tweeting and eating all day!

@ablackonamac let’s see photo you took today of free hugs! Should be interesting.

September 11, 2009

What? A pigeon is faster than the Internet? Stranger things are true

Check out @TwestivalSF Local at Twestival You going? Let’s carpool from the south bay!

September 10, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Facebook Introduces @Mentions in Status Updates

RT @TheCompEdge: Business blogging is all about SEO

Have people been trying out Mac OS X Snow Leopard? See any major improvements?

@veganbreak Fun shirt – for your vegan and non-vegan friends

Watched the movie “The Soloist” last night. Love the themes of friendship and the head-on look at mental illness and the homeless.

@ArtofBathing tried your peppermint soap today. Felt and Smelled wonderful. Wonder if it will last forever ;-)! Great meeting you, in person

If you’re aware, then so it is . . .
September 9, 2009
3 colors – for $239 Netbooks – Pink (Ali & Judy!), Black & White – Will go fast!

@140tc can’t wait for Twitter conference in less than 2 weeks.Looks like so much fun!

@clutterdiet too late! already pitched 10 lonely socks. they were sad to be thrown out ;-(

@TravelingVeg when do we get to hear first track, Yvonne?

Amazing array of social networking search tools

Viral Heat – Measure your social networking success

What do Twitter, Facebook, Social Media mean for business?

@IvyBean104 Watch me on Cnn news – 104 year old twitterer celebrates birthday on 9/9/9! Wow!

Get over 2,000 follower limit – I’m working on this myself!

September 8, 2009
@MrTweet i recommend @annevanston because she’s is way knowledgeable about Twitter and has great tools

Tweet DeckHoot SuiteMr. Tweet Great tools from @annevanston

50 best pun stores – “A brewed awakening” (Coffee Shop), “Thai Me Up” (Thai Rest), Lettuce Eat (rest)

Wow – did you know Gmail can import email AND contacts from other web-based email accounts? Super cool!

I’m following @IvyBean104, she’s 104! Can’t use excuse “I’m too old to learn, She’s 104! 🙂 Good story.

TopFollowed grows your Twitter network through reciprocal following:

September 7, 2009

Saddened, on “Labor Day,” celebrating US labor movement, our new “Green Jobs Czar,” Van Jones is forced from office.

Projectors keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller

Projectors have come a loooooooooong way.

When I was a young lad in school (many, many moons ago), we had one projector for the entire hall of classrooms to share, which was an enormously heavy and awkward monster that had its own cart that the teacher would have to prop open a door just to wheel in. This cart was complete with a very high-tech cassette-tape player or a record player that would narrate the slideshow, which would make a loud “BOOP!” sound to let Ms. Carter know it was time to push the button to forward to the next still.

Here’s the Face-Off between the strongest of the new competitors:

  • $259 (street price)
  • 640 x 480 native resolution
  • 4.5 x 2.0 x 0.9 inches
  • .35 pounds
  • Projects 6-inch to 50-inch image
  • Small, cell phone-size power adapter
  • Comes with VGA and Video cable
  • 10,000 hours of usage

Dell M109S

  • $325 (Dell Direct)
  • 858 x 600 native resolution
  • 4.2 x 3.6 x 1.2 inches
  • 0.8 pounds
  • Projects 15-inch to 60-inch image
  • Uses its own power adapter or one from a Latitude or Vostro (reducing the number of cords to carry)
  • Multi-input connector (power, VGA, composite)
  • 10,000 hours of usage
  • Password protection

The debate of which one is better is still up for argument. This poll shows the two at neck and neck. It really depends on your usage and needs: The larger, slightly bulkier Dell M109S has a sharper image. But the MPro110 fits in your pocket.

You still need another source for sound. May I recommend something other than a cassette-tape player?

Pico Pocket Project PK-101 $215 (no, NOT Pico Pocket Protector, but it is about that size! )

This is definitely a bit on the low end as far as a full-fledged projector, but would be great for small trainings or watching a movie in a bedroom. It doesn’t do HDMI, so don’t expect High Definition. There are many more built around TI’s “Pico” internal projector. This technology should be in iPods, phones, etc. in the near future!

  • Easily share photos and videos from mobile device
  • Project images on any surface
  • Ultra-light at 4 ounces including battery
  • Image size up to 60 inches
  • Vivid 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • DLP Pico technology
  • LED light source lasts over 20,000 hours
  • Recharge battery conveniently via USB or included AC power adaptor
  • Works great with iPod or iPhone

Soon the projectors I remember will be distant memories and time-capsule items to be displayed at the Museum of Tech History. But the quality of these tiny projectors will keep making big news.

The best thing about this technology is that within a year or two, they will be integrated into notebooks, laptops, and most likely iphones, blackberries and more handheld devices, thus eliminating cords all together!