Stop Texting and Driving…By Using Software

Maybe the DMV should have an “Oath of Licensure” that all drivers have to pledge before being issued their licences. It could say “I, (and state your name),  solemnly promise to uphold the safety of all people on the road, in my car and myself – with liberty and justice for all!” …


Droid X – New Android phone by Verizon

The Droid X arrived yesterday at Verizon stores nationwide. Once you hold this baby in your hand, you’ll say, “I know I’ve heard of iPhone 4, is that the phone that came out last year?” (Even though it just came out last month).

Droid X Features:

Screen Size – a much bigger screen than any other phone at 4.3″ (iPhone – 3.5″, flip’s largest 3.0″)
Phone Quality – has not one, not two, but 3 speakers which helps eliminate background noise and give better , crisper quality of voice (especially in speakerphone mode)

Shoots HD video – connects easily to your computer or TV to play HD Video (can you say “bye, bye Flip camera?”)
Camera – Has 5.0 MP camera, Dual Flash, and 1 x Optical (first time I’ve seen Optical zoom on phone camera)
Memory – 8 G of built-in memory + Free 16 G SD card – total of 24 G (iPhone – for $199-16G; 32 G – $299 can’t upgrade memory; Flip, can’t add memory)
Mobile Hot Spot – ability to turn phone into a mobile hotspot where up to 5 people can share wireless access using your phone (extra monthly charge of $19/month for this feature, which you can turn this feature on or off, each month as needed. without penalty.)
Battery – Removable (all non-iPhone phones usually have this “deluxe” feature). Allows you to carry xtra batteries as needed or if battery dies, for $0, you can replace it.
Typing is easier – phone is Swype enabled – you don’t have to take hand off keyboard to go to next word
Flash Support – with Android 2.2 upgrade (comes with Android 2.1) – should be available free over-the-air upgrade by end of August. You can actually see ALL websites (at least 25% of sites are inaccessible by iPhone who refuses to put on flash). Google doesn’t seem to have ego-involvement in decision

Official Press Release for Droid X.

I’ve played with the Droid X – it’s so cool. For me, personally, I’m waiting for the Droid 2, which is due August 23rd. It will look quite a bit like the Droid X, AND has a physical keyboard. Physically, it’s the same size as the droid, but has double the internal memory and double the processor speed of the Droid.

Droid X

Super cool Android Phone

For the Geeks out there, the Droid X and Droid 2 have an ARM,  TI RISC Processor.


$299 with $100 rebate. If you buy in store, you get $100 gift card – ugh! If you buy on-line, you buy phone for $199 – no rebate, yeah!

$99 – If you’re a long time Verizon customer, they kick in another $100. I’ve been with Verizon 10+ years, so I get this discount. Can’t remember AT&T ever offering this type of discount.

Pricing for the Droid 2 is the same as the Droid X – $199. Surprisingly, the Droid 2 is a little heavier (0.5 oz)  (probably because of the physical keyboard) than the Droid X. The Droid 2 has one more feature the Droid X doesn’t have – built-in wireless, which can save you a few $$ on data fees.

Looking for a custom application for your desktop where you have to sign in to buy stuff? Sorry, Google Apps Marketplace is just another website where you can easily browse through 65000+ apps without having to open up an iTunes-like app.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch your current phone and get a Droid X today!

July-August Free Music Concerts from San Francisco to Marin down to Santa Cruz

Free Music Concerts 2010

From San Francisco to Marin and down to Santa Cruz

Every city, it seems, in the SF Bay Area has free weekly concerts. Does it get better than this? Each month, I’ll post my list of the next 2 months of concerts, my selection and any new venues I find (from your suggestions, I’m sure). Below you will find a random list of cities offering free concerts plus you’ll find “Clyde’s Choice” of music that appeals to me – that I’ve seen or want to explore. I can definitely be influenced one way or another. If you’re playing in one of these bands, feel free to post your site here and let us know about your band. If you know of another city offering free concerts, post it here and I’ll update my list!

Concert Listings

Sundays  June 20 – August 29, 500pm-700pm

Stern Grove SG
Sundays at 2:00 p.m., June 20 – August 22, 2010

Wednesdays, June 23 – Aug 25,  6:30pm-8:30pm

Sunnyvale Music Series Svl
Wednesdays, June 16-Sept.1, 5:30pm-8:30pm

Campbell Summer Concerts Cam
Thursdays, June 17th – August 19th, 630pm-800 pm

Cupertino’s Summer Concert Series Cup
Thursdays, June 3 – July 8, 630pm – 800pm

Mountain View 2010 Summer Concert Series MV
Thursdays, 630 pm – 800 pm, 7/8 – 8/19,

San Jose Music in the Park SJ
Thursdays, June 3-August 26, 2010, 5:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m

Redwood City Downtown
Music on the Square RWC
Fridays, May 14-Oct 8, 6-8pm

Santa Cruz Friday Night Music on the Boardwalk SC
Fridays, June 20 – Sept 3, 2 shows for each band: 630 pm & 830 pm

Sausalito Jazz and Blues by the Bay SA
Fridays, June 4 – Aug 20th, 630 pm – 800 pm

Palo Alto, Twilight Concert Series
Saturdays, July 17 – August 21, 630pm – 800 pm

Vasona Vibrations Vas
Saturdays, June 5 – July 31st, 500pm-700 pm

The Concerts

Near each date is a 2-3 digit code which represents the location. If you want to go together, just drop me a note!

July 1: English Beat (Ska/New Wave) SJ
Opener: The Odd Numbers.

July 16 RWC
Luce – Pop/Rock/Alternative
July 23 RWC
Café R&B – Rhythm & Blues
(+ Art on the Square)
July 24 Vas
Women with String Attached

July 29 SJ
Pete Escovedo

July 30 SC
Eddie Money

July 30 RWC
Hot for Teacher – Van Halen Tribute

July 31 VAS
The Klezmakers

August 1,  SG
Ricki Lee Jones, Meklit Hadero (opening)

August 13, RWC
Rumors – Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

August 19, MV

August 22, SG
The Might Be Giants, Rogue Wave (opening)

August 27, RWC
Native Elements – Reggae