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Social Media: Get it together.

So you made a Facebook page for your business. Good start. How many leads have you received from the Facebook page? Figuring that out can be more difficult than setting up a Facebook page. Now  that so many businesses have a page, it’s even more difficult for your unique imprint stand out there. But it is a good start. Really. It shows you understand how crucial the social media scene is for optimizing your business. If you’re still not convinced that social media is as crucial as everone claims, you must watch this video: Social Media Revolution

Good marketing shouldn’t be as hard to evaluate. You pay someone some money, they help generate business, then (hopefully) they give you  report, where you see your investment pay off on a spread sheet. Hm. How is that working out for you?

There are so many options for social media. Which platform to choose from? Facebook – good. Twitter – good. Blogosphere – good. MySpace – has its uses for lots of things and is not the “Internet’s abandoned step-child” that everyone claims it is. (You saw the video, right?) Yelp, E-pinions, Angie’s List – all good. That’s a lot of platforms, all unique and their own. So, which one are you going to go with?

Wish it were as easy as choosing one, but you need all of them. ALL of them. And even though signing in and updating your status is simple, managing ALL those possible lead generators is not as simple. If you put one person in charge of it all, which some companies do with an intern or midmanagement employee, you risk the inefficiency of distraction, or worse, an inaccurate portrayal of your company’s mission or presence (i.e. bad PR). What you really need is to “get found.” Show up in absorbing blogs and threads. Seem more important to search-engines. Is your content valuable? Are you gaining clients with your social media or wasting time?

Hubspot, a great Social Media Marketing Organization, sorts all of this out for you with the easiest to follow format possible:  free webinars.

If you’re on Facebook, you can like Hubspot for all kinds of other free help: tips, blogs, videos and links galore! (That in itself will help you feel like your time on FB is well spent!)

Ramadan goes mobile – Mobile Apps for Ramadan and Muslims

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, reserved by Muslims for prayerful fasting and reflection. For those who seek a spiritual retreat in the palm of their hand, many apps are available for the iPhone.

My apologies in advance for any misspellings as I don’t know many of these terms.

Ramadan Preparation As the beautiful month of Ramadan approaches this year, there are several things Muslims can do to prepare themselves spiritually and physically for the month

Ramada Daily Dua
Al-Khawarizimi Software, honors the holy month of Ramadan with an application to help Muslims browse and recite Duas specific to each day of Ramadan. Also offers Duas for Iftar and Sahoor along with Ramadan traditionals.

Ramadan Calendar
Finance House offers a useful app that will keep you updated on the correct prayer timings throughout the month in United Arab Emirates. (Free)

10 Islamic Apps for iPad
These applications come in handy this Ramadan to increase your knowledge of the Qur’an, Hadith and Knowledge of the Deen. Ramadan is an incredibly spiritual time. This app will be helpful for learning as much as possible about your relationship with God and the way of the Prophet. The Full Qur’an Commentary (Tasfeer ul Qu’ran) – Complete Set with all the Volumes (Holy Book of Islam) is another available alternative. If you have an iPad, you could also do more spiritual research using this Set of 4 Hadith Books for iPad.

iAzkar is an Arabic Islamic App that displays Muslims Daily Athkar (Islamic Reminder).

Islamic Compass Lite is the free version of Islamic Compass. It contains a local prayer times screen and allows you to receive twenty push notification athan alarms.

iQura offers its users the Complete Qur’an in the Uthmani Font along with verse by verse translation and recitation.

iQur’an is the first full Qur’an app in English.  Easy search function. Beautiful and traditional design.