Top 10 Historic & Re-Watchable Videos

Ah, YouTube. Just 5 years old and more videos to share than any one person could ever view in a lifetime.Pretty impressive, considering the first video signal formed a picture on a screen for a cathode ray tube in Russia in 1907. Some of these vids make us LOL and some make us gag. There are a few that are perfect for sending to friends who are feeling down, to remind them that life is simple and sweet (Or if it’s a personal emergency in my world, I’ll just search “laughing baby“).

Know what else you can find on YouTube? Inspiring and historic moments! These are the ones that motivate me. Which videos inspire you?

1. Berlin Wall – It’s coming down!

2. The first landing on the moon. That is one giant leap…

3. The Tiananmen Square Protests. The massacre videos are important but hard to watch. This guy inspires me!

4. Martin Luther King, Jr. tells us about his dream.

5. Professor Stephen Hawking takes flight at zero-gravity.

6. Jesse Owens wins at the 1936 Olympics.

7. The Wright Brothers are the first to catch air – on purpose and without falling.

8. Barack Obama gives his victory speech in 2008.

9. Roger Bannister Breaks the 4-minute mile

10. Gandhi Dandi March Salt Satyagraha.