Top 10 Videos of 2010

When I say “Top 10,” I mean Clyde’s Top 10. These are my favorite viral videos which I think represent all aspects of my life this past year. Enjoy!! Don’t forget to post your favorite links below, videos I invariably missed.

Happy 2011!!

A man sees another man eating his human waste for food. He quits his job and dedicates his life to feeding homeless/hungry/downtrodden. What do you do when you see a homeless person?

Michael Jackson Medley as sung by 1 guy 6 times – at the same time! How fun!

Dog and Cat Bonding

Crow and Kitten are best friends!

Walking on Sunshine  Dogs of Summer – Great Beach Party

Christine O’Donnell

OMG, this is such a great parody!! This is the first time I remember a witch has been nominated for US Congress.

Dog & Dolphin – Bonding – “Swimming with Dolphins”

Cee Loo Green’s “Fuck You” video – Nominated for a Grammy – Best Song of the Year. Hope it Wins!

Can’t stop dancing every time I see this. When I started watching only 24m views. Keeps gaining more and more and more views.

Betty White – Such a wonderful comedienne – our generation’s Lucy.  At 88 years old, named “Entertainer of the Year,” by Associated Press.

Betty White

Jorge & Alexa Narvaez give the song, “Home by  Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros a great workout!

Here’s my favorite of the “original” version:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb9jY8yAxgs

So, what’d I miss? Post your favorite video link.

For Business Sake: Dump the Freemail Service!

Recently, one of our clients was victimized in a phishing scam. She got an email from someone claiming to be from MSN Hotmail, saying they were going to close her account in 48 hours unless she was able to provide her email address, password and birthdate. They stole her hotmail account: They changed all her secret questions and birthdate. Then she locked out of her account. Now, we’re working hard to get it back from scammers who wile away their time, emailing her business associates, family and friends, begging for money on “her” behalf: “I’m in London and I lost my wallet! Please wire money to…” She was left with nothing. No emails. No email addresses. And no one sending her money to London.

Why did this happen? It could have all been avoided if she had not used an @hotmail.com account for business and personal email and contacts. You should think about dropping your easily obtained address. If you get hacked (and it’s easy to get that way). 

1) you may never get your contacts list back.

2) you may lose your email address permanently.

3) your calendar might disappear with your account.

Also, it’s not terribly professional. If you have a name like @yourcompany.com (I have an email that ends with “@itmcomputing.com”), it shows you are dedicated to your business and serious about it. If you need to register a domain name – go to one of the hundreds of services our there or go to our service at I Want A Domain Name.com

A registered domain name may cost more than the “free” services but starting over from scratch can cost you a lot more – in business and reputation.

If you just can’t live with out your @gmail.com @hotmail.com @rocketmail.com @yahoo.com email address, please, please change your password NOW.

Download Your Facebook History

So much chatter about safety and security these days! The FDA’s putting pictures of cancer patients on the packs of cigarettes; the TSA is feeling up everyone who won’t allow them to see them naked-ish on an X-ray; and if Facebook isn’t in the news for getting trial defendants or employees in hot water, you can crawl out from under that rock now…or maybe you’re thinking of going back under that rock.

Maybe you’re thinking of letting Big Brother, I mean Facebook go and all of your friends are moving to one of the various new or experimental social networks. Maybe you’re wondering what those applications are really collecting when you clicked “Allow” to take that “What kind of smelly soap user are you?” quiz. Maybe you’re just getting weary of having all your history out on Facebook. Either way, it’s a great idea to Download Your Facebook History and see, well, what you’ve been up to lately. Here’s what you do:


Log on to Facebook

Click on “Settings, Account Settings”

Click on “Learn More” next to “Download Your Information”

Download Your Information Settings Section

Type your password in to verify you have access to your account.

Enter Your Password to Download Information

You will then get an email sent back to you. This will be sent to the email address you use to log in to Facebook. It came to me in about 5 minutes.

Downloading your information to your computer

Now, it’s up to you. You can host this information somewhere else, where it won’t be shared with the world, if that’s what you want to do. You can host it on your own website. You can just keep it for your records.

Once you get all this information, if you want to “start over”, you can deactivate your account/delete your account knowing you have all your photos, videos and comments.