iPhone 4S – Comparing Verizon to ATT to Sprint Data Plans

Compare rates of iPhone 4S Data Plans

Let the race begin! Who will sign up the most iPhone 4S account starting in just 4 days?

I’m putting money on AT&T taking the lead as they have the most established customer base to date.

In my 20+ years in technology, I must say that on the whole Verizon will give you the least dropped calls and best call quality. Sprint will have the best rates for unlimited data. ATT will most likely bWe’ll see if the new features of the iPhone 4S help with call quality on all 3 networks.

This is the first time Sprint gets an iPhone. Wonder if they’ll have any tech issues. The best part about Sprint joining the iPhone fray is their data plan rocks! They’re the only one of the Big 3 that has unlimited data for the iPhone.

This won’t sway me, I’m sticking with Verizon and waiting 2 weeks, if I can hold out, to buy the iPhone 4S, as there are always inevitable bugs to be worked out (remember attenae-gate?)!

The big question I have and the battle happening on the www.ITMComputing.com front is that should the iPhone 4S become the main phone line and my Droid Pro become the personal line or vice versa. I must say, on the whole, I have not been too pleased with the Droid Pro. As it’s my 2nd droid phone, the first was the Droid X, I’m not sure if it’s the Phone or the Google Android OS. All of my clients who have non-physical keyboard Droids are in love with these phones. Their major complaint, which is a common complaint of current iPhone 4 users is battery life. The big questions for me is how I will adjust to a non-tactile keyboard, since I started with Palm (the inventor of the Smart Phone) to Blackberry to the Droid X to the Droid Pro. Too bad the Droid 3 doesn’t have 4 G.

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