2 Step Identification & Password Safety Tips

Worried about browsing safely on your computer or smartphone? 2 Step Identification adds extra security to your online accounts. It uses two types of authentication to verify your identity. So even if someone figures out your password, they’ll need a special one-time code to access your account.

Smartphone App Privacy Concerns

App privacy concerns are a big deal to today’s smartphone users. Status updates, sharing photos, checking in at a favorite restaurant… And it’s still the wild west for smartphone apps. Most apps have been around less than 5 years. Check out this important update on app privacy from ITM Computing.


7 Ways Smartphones Help you Save Money

Did you know that your smartphone do more than make calls or play silly games? The fact is, smartphones help you save money. Your smartphone can be a big help when you’re looking for ways to economize. Check out ITM’s list of ways you can save big with your smartphone.