Buycutt, Conscious buying, Align purchases with your conscience


buycuttJust ran across a little app called Buycutt. It’s a free app, on the Android (Google) and Apple platform, which allows you to figure out where and to whom your money is actually going when you purchase an item. In other words, it lets you do conscious buying. You go on the app, select which campaigns you support and then the scan items you’re about to purchase. This cool little app will tell you whether or not your impending purchase is “in line” with your values (aka – campaigns you choose).

Currently, the top campaigns are:

1. Demand GMO Labeling
2. Say No to Monsanto
3. Avoid Koch Industries
4. Boycott Monsanto
5. Local and Sustainable Food Initiative

They have groups of campaigns, 20 and counting, which include animal welfare, civic rights, food, health, human trafficking, social responsibility, veterans and women’s rights.

Guess people, myself included, don’t want their food created with chemicals.

Another cool feature of Buycutt is that it keeps a long list of your purchases, so you can go down the list instead of continuous scanning.

So, go shopping, scan products, and let Buyott align your purchase with your conscience.