You may not be aware but In the Moment Computing‘s founder, Clyde, is a HUGE foodie! So we compiled a list of our top apps for foodies. These apps can help you get great deals, find yummy food and much more. Check out these 5 great apps for foodies.

1. Yelp – stellar reviews!

Great apps for foodies

Credit: onebrainy1

One of the most popular apps for foodies, Yelp is a great way to locate local restaurants. In urban areas there are often hundreds of reviews for popular eateries. Yelp has both an online website and an app available (on both Android and iPhone).

Also, many local businesses offer advertising deals on Yelp that can save you a few dollars. Frequent reviewers can also become part of the Yelp Elite team. Definitely one of our favorite apps for foodies!


2. OpenTable – hassle free dining

Opentable - a great app for foodies

Credit: Robert Scoble

Hands down the best reservations app out there. OpenTable has a clean, simple design. The location-enabled app is perfect for finding restaurants in your area, right now.

Frequent users can also earn dining points, which are redeemable for gift certificates! The app is available for Windows, Android and iPhone users.


3. Fooducate – be more health conscious

Fooducate is an Android app that helps users take control of their health. This app has been featured by many top news agencies. It also has a 4.5 star rating on Google Play. Use your phone to scan store barcodes and choose healthier options.

4. Untappdbeer, need we say more?

Untappd, a great app for foodies

Credit: Physical Flaws

Find awesome local beer near you! Untappd is the Yelp of the beer world. Use this location-enabled app to find great beers near you. Share your experiences by writing reviews. And get personalized suggestions from the app for future beer tasting.

This app is only for users over 21 years old.


5. Savoredlast minute deals

Savored is a Groupon company. With this app, you can get access to last-minute dining deals nearby at hefty discounts. This app is best suited for non-busy hours like weekday evenings. This is an awesome app for foodies to save big on dinner.

Our favorite Apps for Foodies

There are so many great apps for foodies out there. Which ones are your favorite? And what are you using them for? Let us know in the comments.