Smartphones don’t just save you money anymore. Now, they can help you earn money, too. Check out these 5 money making apps to get started.

5 Money Making Apps for your Smartphone

Last month, we wrote about how smartphones help you save money. Now we’re focused on money making apps available for your smartphone. Check out these apps to get started.

SwagbucksTV App
Swagbucks makes an app that pays you money to watch advertisements. Download the app to get started (it’s free). Earnings are paid in Swag Bucks and can be redeemed for merchandise on their website. Additionally, you can earn money online by filling out surveys and shopping on the Swagbucks website.

Money Making Apps

Gigwalk is the top crowdsourcing app in the marketplace. Users with an iPhone (Android’s in beta) can earn money by taking photos, filling out surveys and testing apps.

As you complete work, called “Gigs,” you’ll build credibility and be eligible for higher paying work. Most Gigs take just a few minutes to complete and you are paid in cash via Paypal.

Jingit is a new smartphone app that pays you to watch ads, check in and shop for products. Companies are willing to pay to learn about what brands you like and why. Users can earn up to $15 per week. Payment comes in the form of a Visa debit card.

iPinion Surveys
Have lots of opinions? Earn money by sharing your thoughts with iPinion. Users can download the app for free and fill out surveys for cash. This app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

ITM Computing thinks the future is bright for these types of apps. There is money to be made for both companies and smartphone owners in this new “Gig” economy.

Have you had success earning money with any of these apps? Tell us – what money making apps do you use?