To everyone’s shock, an acquaintance/friend died two years ago. This woman was seemingly healthy, in a happy relationship, with many friends, and until the day of her death no one suspected that she was addicted to inhaling toxic duster cans. I shouldn’t say “no one” because her soulmate knew but was still shocked by the death that took place in the parking lot of the store where the last cans of toxin were purchased.

Once my own personal trauma regarding the friend’s death subsided, I thought to myself, There must be a healthier way to clean computers that won’t cause more addictions or death. Something that won’t cause harm, that retailers don’t have to lock behind a counter.

If you know someone who is addicted to inhalants or “huffing” anything, it is important to get them help immediately. Please click this link and get professional help.

Once I’d done a little research on the subject and the effects of the products, I would not even use the cans in my office to clean equipment; I would take the machines and the cans outside and clean them on the grass. Still, I couldn’t stand the thought of what poisons were getting pumped into the atmosphere. To further the environmental destruction, these cans are not friendly. They’re not even recyclable.

I was pleased to find an alternative to the cans of toxic death. The Electric Duster from DataVac works just as well as the toxic can. And I will only need one for years. I can use it in my office, easily and safely. Yes, dust still flies up all over my office but I have a hand-held vacuum that I can hold up simultaneously. And as far as I know, no one has died from it.