Car sharing is an eco and budget friendly way to get around without the burden of car ownership. Have you tried car sharing or seen a shared car on the road before? In this post, will introduce you to this recent, high-tech phenomenon!

An intro to car sharing.

Zipcar.com (Credit: jm3)

Car sharing is a type of car rental that lets people rent cars for shorter periods of time. With car sharing, you can rent cars by the hour. And unlike traditional rental services, you don’t (necessarily) have to visit a business to pick up your car.

Car sharing – great for those on a budget

Car sharing is great for people who do not drive very often or are on a limited budget. In the city, it’s often too expensive (and unnecessary) to own a car. Car sharing for city-dwellers is a great option for those infrequent times where you need a vehicle.

One great thing about car sharing is that the rental includes insurance. So you won’t have to maintain expensive auto insurance – it’s all included.

The other big perk that we alluded to is that you may have a car nearby. No need to go very far out of your way to rent a car.

The top car sharing companies are Zipcar, GetAround, RelayRides and City Car Share. Some of these companies are only in urban areas, while others can be found many places. All of them are high-tech, so you can sign up online and even use mobile apps to rent cars quickly and easily.

The hot new thing in car sharing is to put your own car up for sharing. If you have an extra car that doesn’t get used very often, you can make a few dollars by renting it out. GetAround┬áis one company that makes it easy and safer to earn money with your vehicle. Neat, huh?

Car sharing is an eco-friendly and budget conscious way to get around. While best for urban dwellers, many suburbanites can take advantage of local car shares. Different services have different price points and perks. If you’re feeling eco-friendly, check one of these companies out! Or let us know your experiences here.