Recently, Apple and Facebook admitted to security breaches. The two companies – and others – were the target of a widespread cyber attack. With companies like Facebook hacked, read on to see how this affects your data security.

Apple, Facebook Hacked

In mid-February, Apple and Facebook acknowledged that some employee computers had been compromised. Following suit a few days later, Microsoft also admitted to a similar security breach.

Facebook Hacked

Facebook Hacked (Credit: marcopako)

The three companies maintain that no data was compromised. That’s good. However, many other companies were targeted in this same cyber attack. They may have been less lucky.

It’s less likely smaller companies would notice or admit to a security breach. Here’s hoping they do, so we can protect ourselves.

According to Reuters, the hackers were traced to China. They exploited a Java security flaw.

This flaw allowed them to install Malware on Macs. Investigations into the breach continue. Expect to hear more.

Around the same time, Twitter was hacked. The attacks aren’t linked. But Twitter’s user data was compromised. Now, that’s a problem. After the attack, Twitter reset passwords and informed those affected.

Don’t Panic Just Yet

With companies like Facebook hacked, the urge may be to panic. However, these companies are used to constant cyber attacks. It comes with the territory.

The big guys are working hard to beef up security. It’s bad for business. They don’t want it to happen any more than you do!

The best thing to do is stay informed and practice some of the tips below.

Protect Yourself

Apple has released an update to fix security flaws. So, Mac users should check for updates ASAP. In general, make sure your antivirus software and security passwords are updated.¬†If you need help with computer security, feel free to contact¬†ITM Computing. We’re happy to assist!

The U.S. Government is aware of the problem, as well. Expect to see tough steps taken to strengthen cyber security in coming months.

How do you feel with companies like Apple and Facebook hacked? What steps are you taking to protect yourself? We’d love to hear your thoughts.