AVG 8 “missing .bin file” – AVG Update Issue

There’s a technical glitch with AVG Anti-Virus free – update today – August 16th. It seems to be affecting all users – worldwide. Read more about it on this forum.

My guess is that Grisoft is working feverishly to fix this problem, as they have millions of users.

Until that time, you have at least 3 choices:

1. Wait at your computer for the update, all night long, for the next update which will fix this problem, most likely on Sunday, 8/17.
2. Fix the update manually – a bit technical.
3. Go for a bike ride or a walk – return and hopefully it will be fixed.

For #1 & #3, if you don’t do the update here, you’re still protected. Your just about 5-6 days out of date, which should be fine.

For #2, do the following:

a. On your desktop, create a folder called “AVG update.”
b. Go to this web page and download just the first 3 items shown below – don’t download the forth, this is causing problem.

(Double click image to see a bigger size)

c. Make sure to download each of these files to the desktop folder “AVG Update.
d. Double click on AVG icon by the time/clock.
e. Go to “Tools, Update from Directory.”
f. Click on “AVG Update” folder.

Don’t run another update until AVG says it’s time to. Otherwise, you’ll get the same problem all over again.

Questions? First try Grisoft to see if there is an update on problem. If not, go to www.ITMComputing.com – fill out our contact form.