Worried about browsing safely on your computer or smartphone? 2 Step Identification adds extra security to your online accounts. It uses two types of authentication to verify your identity. So even if someone figures out your password, they’ll need a special one-time code to access your account.

2 Step Identification for Account Access

2 Step Identification - Lock and Key

Secure your Accounts (Credit: DaveBleasdale)

Do you think internet security is too much trouble? It may seem like it. But  losing years of personal emails and data is worse. So take a few steps to protect yourself. You’re worth it!

The technology is nothing new. In tech years, it’s ancient. But the good news is it’s becoming easier to use. (We’re out of excuses.)

Google and Facebook both offer 2 step identification. As the name suggests, the process requires that you use two forms of ID to verify your identity. Often, one is a password and the other is your phone.

When you sign on via a new computer or browser, Google or Facebook will text you a one-time code to enter with your password.

This code adds a huge layer of security. Hackers may guess your password but they won’t have access to your phone.

Setting up 2 step identification is easy. Use these instructions for Google and Facebook. You’ll need to configure your computer(s) and smartphone. Also, check out this 2 Step – How To Article for other sites.

Password Strength & Security

2 Step Identification

Get a Password Manager! (Credit: ralphhogaboom)

Even with 2 step authentication, it’s still important to choose strong passwords.

For fun, you can see how long it would take for sample passwords to be cracked on the How Secure it My Password website. Horrifying, right?

We wrote previously about using a password manager like LastPass. We still recommend doing this, even with 2 step identification in place.

Some sites do not support 2 step identification. In those cases, be extra sure your password is strong and changed regularly.

Readers – are you using 2 step identification? We’d like to hear your story. Let us know in the comments!