About 15 years ago, as I saw more and more chemicals being put into my food and became aware that killing animals so I could live day to day just wasn’t right, I decided to become healthier. I wanted to create a permanent cleanse for life for myself.

The first thing I decided upon was to start healthy cooking – sautéing food instead of deep frying it. I used less butter, eventually going to canola oil and olive oil for pan frying. Using lemon juice instead of salt.

Next up was eliminating different forms of meat. First up was fish. Not a tough one as I was never a huge fan, except for tuna sandwiches. Next up was pork. Since I loved little piggies, I wanted them to live while I ate tofu dogs instead. Beef was a little tougher. I loved burgers, steaks (especially flank) and meatballs. Luckily, garden burgers, tofu burgers, and fake meatballs were good enough to suppress the yearning. Last up, chicken. My favorite food. I ate chicken 2-3x/week. I decided my Last Supper would be a meal at a local fast-food chain, El Pollo Loco. It was 12/31/1995. I can still remember how yummy it was.

That started me on my lifelong journey to heal the planet, my life, the environment and the world, through being health with my plant-based diet. I have no regrets and have never looked back, except for now.