5 Great Apps for Foodies

You may not be aware but In the Moment Computing‘s founder, Clyde, is a HUGE foodie! So we compiled a list of our top apps for foodies. These apps can help you get great deals, find yummy food and much more. Check out these 5 great apps for foodies. 1. Yelp... read more

Awesome things you can do with 3D Printers

3D printing is finally becoming affordable for the home users and small businesses. And it’s revolutionizing prototyping and artistic creativity at home and at work. Check out these awesome things you can do with 3D printer technology! Scenario: As an inventor... read more

Dump your Comcast or Dish – 5 easy ways!

Whether you have Comcast or Dish as your cable provider, you’re probably paying too much. At In the Moment Computing, many of us have dumped our cable providers altogether. Today, we’re going to share how we did it. And we promise, if you dump your Comcast... read more

Considering the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Considering upgrading your smartphone? The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has us wanting to make the switch! With this model, Samsung has outdone themselves once again. Check out our analysis of this device’s features and perks. Our Samsung Galaxy S4 review compares this... read more

Consider Upgrading to a Solid State Drive

Is it time to upgrade to a solid state drive? If you want to give your computer a new lease on life, we recommend a solid state drive. And if you’re purchasing a new computer in the future, it’s definitely worth a little extra money for the boost in... read more

Infographics Explained

Heard the term, Infographic? Infographics are a form of media that has taken the tech world by storm in the last 5 years. The word infographic is a shortening of “information graphic.” Infographics are a clear way of visually presenting a lot of data in... read more