Send Text Message by Email

Dang, pecking out those tiny keys with a regular non-Qwerty cell-phone handset keyboard can be tough. Fear no longer! You can send out text messages with your email program. This method is also great for folks outside the country who cannot easily text to another country. Tip: Make sure to remove your signature from email, so it’s not too long. Another way it would make it easier for the reader when you send text message by email is to remove all the replies on the email, since there is very little room on the tiny screens to read all text.

[10-digit phone number]@message.alltel.com
Example: 2125551212@message.alltel.com

ATT Wireless - Send Text Message through Email

[10-digit phone number]@txt.att.net
Example: 2125551212@txt.att.net

Boost Mobile
[10-digit phone number]@myboostmobile.com
Example: 2125551212@myboostmobile.com

Metro PCS

or [10-digit-phone-number]@metropcs.sms.us

[10-digit telephone number]@messaging.nextel.com
Example: 7035551234@messaging.nextel.com

Sprint PCS
[10-digit phone number]@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Example: 2125551234@messaging.sprintpcs.com

Oh, BTW, when was the last time your backed up your computer? If not last night/today, then back it up immediately! If you’re not sure what to do – go here and set up online backup – click on first product on the page. This is a wonderful way to back up all your data to “the cloud” so you never have to worry losing your data to theft, fire, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other acts of Nature.

[10-digit phone number]@tmomail.net
Example: 4251234567@tmomail.net

Verizon Wireless Send Text Message through Email


[10-digit phone number]@vtext.com
Example: 5552223333@vtext.com

Virgin Mobile USA
[10-digit phone number]@vmobl.com
Example: 5551234567@vmobl.com

Oh, by the way, there are other ways to send a text message other than email. You can send a text message using apps on your phone with your voice. Most phones have a way for you to just click on a voice link and send a text message with your voice, but these apps provide more features. These are iPhone/iPad apps which you can most likely download on Android Marketplace as well.

Funmail Free Texting – Free text and picture messaging with loads of images to use in text messaging.

TextFree with Voice – Free text and picture messaging – with a free number (while they last)

Textie Messaging – The creators of Tweetie and Borange are proud to present Textie™ Messaging, the unlimited texting app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you and a friend both have iPhones but are still paying to text each other, we definitely recommend you try using Textie Messaging instead–and communicate for free.


Domestic Violence leading to Death – Easily Predicted

Need help? Visit TheHotline.org or call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE

Every 4 hours in this country a women is killed by her domestic partner. In the U.S.–during the 21st century. That astonishes me.

Recently a commercial has acquired airtime that I think inadvertently promotes violence. In the ad, every time someone sees the car that’s on sale, they punch the person (man, woman or child) in the arm. On one level, this seems harmless. On another level, it’s indicative of the violence in our society. Punching games encourage violence; punching is not a game or a marketing device, and it should be taken seriously. It may seem like a childish game but remember who played punching games in the schoolyard? Bullies. Research indicates that “bullying during childhood puts children at risk of criminal behaviour and domestic violence in adulthood.” (link, in case the link doesn’t translate to blog: http://www.abc.tcd.ie/school.html)  Games that bullies play should not be glorified for the sake of selling cars.

Cars or no cars sold, violence is pervasive beyond this commercial: from the video games we purchase to the wars we pay for in the Middle East. If we want to stand for peace, we need to do so in every facet of our lives, including our advertisements. When we read or hear a story in the news about the violence, it touches our hearts or alights us into action. But when we see it being made light of, do we shrug it off? If that’s the case, it makes for a sad commentary for our society. I highly recommend that anyone who thinks this “punching” commercial is “cool” or “great marketing” see this show. Interviewee: “Yeah, he hit me. That was a sign [of abuse to come].” The expert on show: “No, that’s not a sign. That’s the end of the relationship. Once he hits you once, it will only lead to more violence.” Powerful show. Share with all women in your life. I know I will.

If you feel you might be in a violent situation with your partner or know someone who is take this assessment or offer someone a safe place to take it, It could very well save their lives.

Need help? Visit TheHotline.org or call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE

Fun with iPhone – iPhone App Selection

If you’re new to the iPhone scene, you might
want to jump right into the fun stuff without reading the whole manual.

With the analytical techie sitting on my left shoulder screeching, “NOOO!” I’m going to tell you how to get to the fun stuff because the fun stuff is what makes the iPhone worth getting. (The phone service ain’t so bad but with all this more fun stuff to do, you won’t want to chitchat so much anymore.) I’m willing to bet you’ve probably already figured out how to turn it off and on, so I’ll just skip ahead to the fun.

These are my most frequently used apps –  all of them are FREE!

Most of these applications will work on iPod Touch as long as you can hook up to wireless Internet. NOTE: Oftentimes, you cannot hook up to wireless Internet (as I found out at my gym), so if you want to use these apps, all the time, best to get an iPhone. Additionally, some of these apps require a microphone, which are very inexpensive, for the iPod Touch. The iPhone has built-in microphone (which you use for phone calls)

Amazon Mobile Read reviews, buy stuff, compare prices on Amazon. Kindle Who needs to buy $199 Kindle, when you can buy Kindle Books from Amazon this way. Just read books on your iPhone. Books are so 18th century!
Epicurious Free. Awesome recipe consolidator for the recipe collector. Also helpful: Woman’s Day Cooking Assistant includes a cook time calculator, prep guide and spice dictionary.
DizzyBeeFree Fun Crazy Game.

Jott Voice recognition notes. Try it, you’ll see. So much better than Voice Notes, or the old Keyboard Notes Bug. Free (however it does require a paid Online account). You could also try Evernote: Anything you need to jot down fast, be it in text, a photo, or a voice note, Evernote will keep it, index it, and sync it to the online subscription service.

Dragon Dictation Dictate voice messages and have them translated while you watch. Need to add microphone to iPod Touch for this to work.

Forsquare Super cool way to let friends know where you are by “checking in.” Also a good way to find reviews for wherever you are. Uses GPS in your mobile device. Avail for Android, Blackberry, Palm and others.

Paper Toss Very low tech game. You get to throw a piece of paper in the trash. Hours on mindless fun. One of my favorites!

BMW M Power Meter Very cool way to watch speed, distance and other car measurements – for BMW owners and BMW wannabe owners 😉
Fring – All the Instant Messenger Products in one cool program, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Chat, MSN.
Tap Tap Revenge Probably the best free game available now. Guitar hero for your fingertips.
AOL Radio This is the game changing app and the paradigm shifter in mobile. Free streaming radio, including internet radio stations (all Pearl Jam, all the time, anyone? Anyone?). Just wait until they have TV. AOL is cool again.
Yelp. Nice implementation of the restaurant, doctor, gym, coffee shop, bar, favorite IT Company (:-)) (and other companies as well) reviews site.
Loopt. Ping your friends and see where they are. Loopt Pulse, a newer feature, helps you find and plan events in your area.
Weather Bug. More accurate weather, weather web cams, and radar maps than the apple’s built in app, Weather.
SportsTap. Also free. Sports scores from all sports. (You could get MLB.com At Bat for $5 program lets you track games in progress, which is no big deal. The big deal is that you can actually watch video clips of key plays before the games are over. But SportsTap is freer and better.)

Baby Scratch. Who doesn’t need to scratch records hiphop style while waiting for public transportation? The least expensive DJ equipment available for $0.00! If scratchin’s not your thing but music still is, check out Karajan Beginner – Free, fun music lessons, tuning ear to music.

We plan on doing many of these “best of apps” blogs. What are you favorites and why? Which apps are you regretful you purchased. Leave a comment with your favorite app and of course, feel free to put a link to your blog or website.