Michael Beckwith’s Calm Message about Surrender

This really calms me, a message about Surrender. Relax, Close your eyes, and enjoy the 1.5 minute message. Thank you Michael Bernard Beckwith.


Top 10 Historic & Re-Watchable Videos

Ah, YouTube. Just 5 years old and more videos to share than any one person could ever view in a lifetime.Pretty impressive, considering the first video signal formed a picture on a screen for a cathode ray tube in Russia in 1907. Some of these vids make us LOL and some make us gag. There are a few that are perfect for sending to friends who are feeling down, to remind them that life is simple and sweet (Or if it’s a personal emergency in my world, I’ll just search “laughing baby“).

Know what else you can find on YouTube? Inspiring and historic moments! These are the ones that motivate me. Which videos inspire you?

1. Berlin Wall – It’s coming down!

2. The first landing on the moon. That is one giant leap…

3. The Tiananmen Square Protests. The massacre videos are important but hard to watch. This guy inspires me!

4. Martin Luther King, Jr. tells us about his dream.

5. Professor Stephen Hawking takes flight at zero-gravity.

6. Jesse Owens wins at the 1936 Olympics.

7. The Wright Brothers are the first to catch air – on purpose and without falling.

8. Barack Obama gives his victory speech in 2008.

9. Roger Bannister Breaks the 4-minute mile

10. Gandhi Dandi March Salt Satyagraha.

Domestic Violence leading to Death – Easily Predicted

Need help? Visit TheHotline.org or call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE

Every 4 hours in this country a women is killed by her domestic partner. In the U.S.–during the 21st century. That astonishes me.

Recently a commercial has acquired airtime that I think inadvertently promotes violence. In the ad, every time someone sees the car that’s on sale, they punch the person (man, woman or child) in the arm. On one level, this seems harmless. On another level, it’s indicative of the violence in our society. Punching games encourage violence; punching is not a game or a marketing device, and it should be taken seriously. It may seem like a childish game but remember who played punching games in the schoolyard? Bullies. Research indicates that “bullying during childhood puts children at risk of criminal behaviour and domestic violence in adulthood.” (link, in case the link doesn’t translate to blog: http://www.abc.tcd.ie/school.html)  Games that bullies play should not be glorified for the sake of selling cars.

Cars or no cars sold, violence is pervasive beyond this commercial: from the video games we purchase to the wars we pay for in the Middle East. If we want to stand for peace, we need to do so in every facet of our lives, including our advertisements. When we read or hear a story in the news about the violence, it touches our hearts or alights us into action. But when we see it being made light of, do we shrug it off? If that’s the case, it makes for a sad commentary for our society. I highly recommend that anyone who thinks this “punching” commercial is “cool” or “great marketing” see this show. Interviewee: “Yeah, he hit me. That was a sign [of abuse to come].” The expert on show: “No, that’s not a sign. That’s the end of the relationship. Once he hits you once, it will only lead to more violence.” Powerful show. Share with all women in your life. I know I will.

If you feel you might be in a violent situation with your partner or know someone who is take this assessment or offer someone a safe place to take it, It could very well save their lives.

Need help? Visit TheHotline.org or call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE

Amma – a wondrous presence – Mother Teresa 2.0


I was deeply moved by seeing Amma, the mother, last night. I had to share my experience to all of you.

There obviously cannot ever be another Mother Teresa.

After my Amma experience last night, I couldn’t help but think I was in the presence of a woman (Amma) who is following in Mother Teresa’s steps, trailblazing her own path. At the time of Mother Teresa’s death, in 1997, there here Missionaries of Charity continued to expand, and at the time of her death it was operating 610 missions in 123 countries, including hospices and homes for people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis, soup kitchens, children’s and family counseling programs, orphanages, and schools. Here Missionaries of Charity continue their work to this day.

I love Amma’s purpose in life:
” I realize my purpose is to console – to personally wipe away tears through selfless love, compassion, and service.” Amma.

Yesterday, a group of us (Rob, Elaine, Ginger, Barbara and myself) went to give oodles of Free Hugs and get Hugged by Amma. I knew the event started at 7 pm, so we got there by 5 pm. Figured it would last from 7 pm to 9 pm and I’d be home by 11 pm at the latest. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

We got to the Amma Retreat center in San Ramon and were greeting with thousands of people waiting in line to see Amma. We made it through the throngs of people, camped out in fold chairs, took the plastic cap off our chair and waited. and waited. and waited. After the first hour of giving free hugs to those waiting in line and stuffing ourselves with Samosas, we started making friends with those around us, waiting in the overflow room, soon to become the Amma restaurant. Personally, I met Taj from Berkeley, Julie from Berkeley, Cindy from Fremont, Tonya from Washington/Barstow/Alaska/Hawaii, Brianna from Santa Cruz, a gentleman from Ashland, OR who’s been following Amma with his wife (whom he met at an Amma retreat) for 10+ years. These folks ranged in ages from 25 to 75. There were lots of babies, families, single folk, couples, all ethnicities here. I couldn’t help but thinking of some of the wonderful experiences I had at Grateful Dead concerts, except for the fact that beyond spreading joy, happiness and love, Amma was channeling her energy to wiping out misery and poverty throughout the world.

So, after lots of Samosas, a full vegan Vegetarian meal, and a HUGE salad and lots of chatting and meeting new people, the time had come to get my hug. I was in group “N7.” Group A1 started at 7 pm. It was now 230 am. As I waited in my chair, moving closer and closer, I began to imagine the real power, strength and tireless energy of this woman. Here, I had been whining, a little, about waiting 7.5 hours to see here, but she had been doing this all week – tirelessly (although I’m sure she was a bit tired!) – all week – until the early morning hours.

I got on stage, got closer to Amma, then in a whisk of a moment, she hugged me, said something in a language I didn’t understand, and it was done.

I had been blessed by an angel.

Inspirational Videos – Randy Pausch – Living life to the Fullest!

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Randy knew that he had pancreatic cancer. On August 15th, 2007, he was told, “you have 3-6 months of ‘good health’ left.” His doctor’s estimated prognosis of death was January 15th, 2008. Randy died July 25, 2008, 3 weeks shy of living 12 months with the one of the deadliest of cancers. During this time he completed his “Bucket List,” the things to do before “I die.” What’s on your bucket list? How far have you gotten down the list? What do you need to prepare to make the really special item happen?

Time Management by Randy Pausch

This lecture, given on February 15, 2008 – 6 months after his death sentence – moves me: Randy honors his commitment to deliver a lecture to the University of Virginia, knowing he’ll be dying soon. The poignant video above has gone around the world numerous times. The “Time Management” Video is growing, more because of its usefulness than its tear-jerking ability. He says, “Time is the only commodity that matters.” He goes on to tell us that Americans are really great at using and managing money as a commodity…but not so much with time.

Here’s a few more important points I took away from one (but DON’T skip watching! It’s really worth it – I promise)
  • He has some really awesome tips on making phone calls! (Mine are moving right along now.)
  • His message on Goals, priorities and planning – and a system for prioritizing is easy to understand and brings focus where it is needed.
  • He talks about the danger that many people encounter by focusing on doing things right. Instead, Do the right things. This is something I’ve put into practice, and let me tell you: it is NOT as easy as it sounds. But 15 years of vegetarianism later, I can definitely say that I am doing something right.

If you feel that you don’t have time to watch these videos, do yourself a favor and watch them.

You have more to gain than just time. And more at stake than your job. Watch it.