WannaCry Ransomeware – Am I protected?

WannaCry Ransomeware is one of the worse malware attacks I’ve seen in years. It comes onto your computer (Windows only. Mac/Linux/Mobile Devices are safe and don’t need patching) and demands you pay $300 in Bitcoin or you can’t get access to any of your data. There are articles at the end of this post that go into more details about what it is and how it works. For this post, we are just showing you how to make sure you’re protected against this horrible malware.

If you aren’t a “detailed person” – here are the quick 3 things you can do right now to make sure you’re protected from this threat

  1. Get Malwarebytes paid-for version, install it and run a full scan.
  2. Do a Windows update on your system/Confirming all updates are complete
  3. Backup Your System

The Details of Protecting Your system and Finding out if Patch has been applied

Protect system with Malwarebytes

If you have the paid-for, updated version of Malwarebytes, you are safe. Malwarebytes is a product we recommend for all Windows (and Mac – although it’s free-only and does not do live-scanning for viruses on Mac) Computers – whether you have other protection or not. It usually will not slow down your machine. The only downside is the company is very clumsy with regards to implementing updates to itself and forces you to manually run the updates. Sometimes the protection randomly turns itself off. You may have to re-install product once in a while ton fix these minor annoyance. I’m hoping in future versions they stabilize the product.

They have a pretty goofy home page right now, but please make sure you click on above links. There are many nefarious companies claiming they are Malwarebytes but are just copycats who actually give you a virus.


Run Windows Updates / Check to see if you’re protected

To run Windows Update on Windows 10 computers, do a Windows (not Google) search, “Check for Updates.” Once you click on that link, Click “Check for Updates” and Windows will update you to the most recent version of patches.

Most likely, as almost all systems (Individual computers – not servers) I’ve checked, Microsoft has pushed through the Windows update on your system, unless you didn’t have “automatic updates” checked. Go to your Windows Update History and see if you have a current “Cumulative Update for Windows” installed in the last couple of weeks. This should (I can’t guarantee it) include the Security update – as this patch was pushed out on March 15, 2017. Many people seemed to have this pushed through – a “Cumulative Update” – within the last 2 weeks.

As previously mentioned, the vulnerability that caused all these problems in Windows computers was patched (aka fixed) in March of 2017. Unfortunately, many computers don’t have Windows Updates automatically turned on, so they don’t get patched. The key way to know you’re protected is to check your Windows Update History and see if MS17-10 (The patch that fixed the problem) was implemented. For more details on this, click on the security bulletin, find your version of the patch and check your updated History for Windows Update. Once again, running Windows updates until all Windows Updates are completed, will patch your system.

Back Up Your System

As we always recommend, backup, backup, backup. If you ever get hit unexpectedly with a virus/malware and you have a good backup, you can wipe affected system and reinstall your data. Make sure to keep a disconnected backup – so unplug USB drive and/or use cloud backup. If you keep same device on computer, then the backup could suffer the same fate at your computer.

If you have follow-up questions, go to our Facebook Page and ask them there. We’ll answer at No Charge.

If you’ve had an paid-for appointment in the last year with us, feel free to call and we can check your system remotely, no-charge. There will be a fee if we have to implement a solution to fix your system.

WannaCry Ransomware: What We Know Monday

Weekly Update from Tech Guy Who Likes Cats

July 18, 2009
I Love President Obama. He overturned short-sited Bush policy to increase logging in Oregon. Leave the Trees be!

Rather than wanting to hold to the past longer, and slow things down, and stop the aging process — just revel in the power of now! Abraham

July 17, 2009

July 16, 2009
I uploaded a YouTube video — Sharon Park Fire in Menlo Park, CA

Shocking photos of fire in Menlo Park, CA, 15 Susan Gale Court Please credit to Clyde Lerner, www.ITMComputing.com

I uploaded a YouTube video — Tapping Sung By Sharon Henderson

Facebook Class in Mt. View, CA is fast filling up – 75% full – Sign-up now – July 23rd

Incredibly priced computer stuff!! Windows – Laptop $479, Netbook $209, Desktop $399

July 15, 2009
Guilty late-night pleasure – an old friend – the “L” word, Season 5. I miss these women!

July 14, 2009

July 13, 2009
Installing Windows 7 from a Flash Drive -cool- for us nerds/geeks! Thanks, @chrispirillo!

Facebook Class in Mt. View, CA is fast filling up – 50% full – Sign-up now – July 23rd

Microsoft takes aims at Google Documents -Office 2010 online – see here and here.

Teenager falls into manhole cover while texting – ewwwww

@chrispirillo Learn a New Language with Livemocha ~ The Tech Brief
July 12, 2009
Enjoyed singing along to all of Michael Jackson’s hits with Tribute band “Neverland” last night at club in San Francisco

July 11, 2009
Waiting in line at my favorite Indian take out place, Rajjot in Sunnyvale. I’m the only White guy here! Samosas…MMMMMM.

Yikes! What’s up with Google Docs? Won’t save any of my documents!?! Maybe I shouldn’t be working on Friday night ;-)!

Wow! More Netbooks for $149 – Black or White – Great for Internet/Email Today Only #Cheap #TechTip #ClydeTechTip

Band ‘Sex without hands’ just butchered ‘wanna be ur lvr’ and ‘erotic city’ by prince. Doing better with ‘Let it Whip’.

@tonygnyc frys is best!

Just a few more hours – just today (7/11) for a F*R*E*E Slurpee at 7-11. Find one near you

July 10, 2009
#followfriday@clutterdiet,@ali4coach,@olinaqian,@davetaylor,@hisunrim,@blissconnection from TweetDeck

Let’s go see Neverland, Michael Jackson tribute band, Saturday night in San Francisco. Details
Wow!This song is beautiful and serene. Reminds me of slow Led Zeppelin. Not sure why. ♫

Re-live all the Michael Jackson hits with a great cover band this Saturday. I’m going – it’s only $15 – One night only – Are you coming or what?

listening to “Wonderwall – Ryan Adams”

It’s not that I’m paranoid, just love this song!

July 8, 2009
30 G iPods for $99, Netbooks for only $209, 7mp Camera – $79, WinPC+Monitor+Printer – $499

11 undocumented Google Chrome Operating System Features
As they should!
@minnesotanews: Republicans pay Franken $96,000 for court costs

Had delightful lunch at Loving Hut, Milpitas yesterday with Olina, @olinaqian. What a great conversation.

App turns iphone into Hearing Aid for $9.95!

It’s back. All-in-one Wednesday. $29.99 for tix, soda, dog. Many popular, top name concerts. Lawn seating.

I uploaded a YouTube video — In This Very Room as Sung by Tyrone Cosey

Watching the movie, “She Hates Me.” Not sure what the hell to make of it. It’s way strange.

Fail Whale Fun!

July 7, 2009
Facebook Class in Mountain View, CA, “How To + Why Facebook,” class is 50% full. Time to sign up?Facebook is ALL the Rage!

Facebook for Business SuperGuide by @rgbroitman.

Am I the only one who continually runs out of flashlights? $7.99 – like it!

Woh – this is so cool!! Can’t wait to try Google’s new OS. How do I get on the beta team? Anyone from Google out there listening ;-)! I just live 5 miles away for Google HQ!

July 6, 2009
Wow – finally – first authorize.net transaction processed today. Took over 3 hours. Who are good competitors?

Logitech Wireless Mouse/Keyboard – $24.99 – Windows XP – Vista Only

KBLX radio supports animal torture – fun with the whole family – email them – call them to protest

@JimAlger Expectations High in Ghana Before Obama Visit

Kodak Camera – $99 – One Day Deal – 12 mp – 5 x optical – refurb #Cheap – Today (Monday) Only

@jenniferbourn Hey You, back! Doing great! Had a great 4th – on rooftop in Oakland – watching FW from 5 cities. And you and the fam?

Will Blackberry ever have a web browser. Wait, that is a web browser??? Why does it take up to 3 mins per web page and most don’t load?

Tweeting while blading. How fun is that? Anyone tweet while skydiving?

Weekly Update from Tech Guy Who Likes Cats

July 5, 2009

Clyde posted “Will Blackberry ever have a web browser. Wait, that is a web browser??? Why does it take up to 3 mins per web page and most pages don’t load?”

Clyde posted “Tweeting while blading. How fun is that? Anyone tweet while skydiving?”

Read great article this am. Folks who go to “church” regularly live 2-3 years longer. Msg sent from ebcrs.org, my church.

Clyde posted “Tweeting while blading. How fun is that? Anyone tweet while skydiving?”

Read great article this am. Folks who go to “church” regularly live 2-3 years longer. Msg sent from ebcrs.org, my church.

July 4, 2009
Wonderful performance by Agape and Siedah Garrett, the songwriter of Michael Jackson’s song,”Man in the Mirror.”

Enjoying the fruits of the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market. Hoping Souly Vegan will open by month’s end as promised.

Clyde posted “having fun at client’s in South City”

Dang, free tix to this HUGE MJ Memorial concert. Must enter by 6 pm, July 4th.

Mashable – they so rock – has a social media job board – how cool is that?
July 3, 2009
Great overall coverage of Social Media by the Master – Guy Kawasaki.

@keane: “I believe when you’re dancing, slowly sucking your sleeve, the boys get lonely after you leave” Love F… ♫

Rhythmic Dogs, Dancin’ Dogs, Funky Dogs, Nasty Dogs, Dogs of the World Unite! ♫

sharee? cherie? sherry? don’t like it. who knows. great dance song! Love it! ♫

Follow Friday

Follow Friday

@YvonneUrness Rodeos drug the bulls. They prod them with sharp objects, then drug them to make them lethargic. Fair fight, eh?

Michael Jackson’s last rehearsal.

KBLX radio supports animal torture – fun with the whole family – email them – call them to protest

Stop the abuse – boycott Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo – Please RT – roping and drugging animals and clapping? Huh?

Michael Jackson Discography, simple, concise, courtesy of Google – Happy 4th weekend!

Tapping, beautifully sung by Sharon D. Henderson. Can you tell I’m in mellow mood this am? ♫

Nothing better than the East Bay Church on a Holiday Morning weekend! ♫

July 2, 2009
@threebears – never thought I’d enjoy song titled “Anger Management” ♫

Yes, it’s true, Clyde is stepping away from the computer – before midnight! Night my late night peeps – Chrystal and Jamylle!

What a gorgeous song! Don’t know what it means, but it’s beautiful! ♫

Awesome jazzy version of Fever by Peggy Lee – she’s so smooth. Love video with it!! ♫

Where’s a good Flashlight when I need it? Oh, here it is! ♫

Sonya is the most famous artist I know, so you should take her workshop and learn to market your stuff! She’s been in Academy award gift baskets, for gosh sakes! Go for it!

Mari Smith to speak at National Ewomen conference – Cool! – She’s the queen of social networking.

For folks who just gotta have more pink in their lives (Judy P?), pink netbooks (under $300), pink netbook stickers.

Just watched “Yes Man.” What a great movie. Say “Yes to Life.” Say “Yes to Opportunity!” This song was from a movie – remember?

I uploaded a YouTube video — Spirit of God is Upon Me sung by Sharon Henderson

I uploaded a YouTube video — Rancho San Antonio Vista

Note to self: Don’t make doctor’s appointments day before major holidays. Can lead to delay of up to 2 hours 😉 Really got to know the inside of allergy clinic today ;-)!!

June 30, 2009

@fab5era time for gmail.com account ; – )!

$299 Notebook – Windows Vista Basic – 15.4″ screen – Going, Going….

Any of my peeps win an HP netbook yet? Look for “Give Away.” Weekly.

Need to do web conferencing? Say, for free? This thing rocks!!! It’s like gotomeeting and gotowebinar – but better – because it’s free (up to certain amt of people). Give it a go!

Networking event at Devry!

Found a very cool place to listen to lots of Grateful Dead music. Any deadheads out there?

June 29, 2009

Just got back from a glorious rollerblade around the ‘hood of Sunnyvale, CA. Great weather! Great street!

Memories – my first Youtube.com video ever posted – SF Gay Pride Parade – 2006. Love that parade! Check out all my vids at www.youtube.com/veg4life.

“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” Catherine Ponder

June 28, 2009
Save tons (maybe 10) hours per lifetime with 730p, not 7:30 pm for time. Save 3 keystrokes! Good 4 Tweeting 2!

sweet – got my name! http://www.facebook.com/sanjosecomputerrepair

Get your vanity URL for you business name – http://www.facebook.com/username/

Michael Jackson is honored at BET awards – playing right now!

Get to your 100 fans – before 8:59 pm deadline tonight, Sunday – join this chat – we’re friending the heck out of each other. Pwd – Duncan

Well, it’s only 79 degrees now. Finally cooled (?) off. Time for Rollerblading!

Went to try something new today, Center for Spiritual Living. Had a wonderful time. A few gems from service: “attitude will always take precedence over genius,” “Jesus had no credentials other than his consciousness,” “We tend to focus on the blemishes of life, not the 3,000 square inches of skin we have.”

Visiting a new center today. Can’t wait to see my friend Cassandra Rae sing!

Thoughts of the day – Contemplating Truth and Honesty.

Name That Tune – Music Social Networking!

One of my fantasy dream jobs as a teen: Rolling Stone Reviewer. Just like that kid in Almost Famous. Now, I’m livin’ that dream a little bit these days…almost…just not quite as much as that kid in Almost Famous. Hey, everyone’s got a day job–and like anyone else with a day job–or anyone without– I’m always looking for new ways to connect. Social networking is the easiest and cheapest way to expand your web presence. Why not combine it with your love for music?

And if you have a job, love music, love blogging/writing, and need a new way to expand your web presence Anyway, there’s all kinds of new ways to name that tune.

  • Pandora. If you have not met Pandora, please, please, you must go. It’s too user friendly to pass up. Just type in an artist or song, and the “music genome project” spits out a tune that you are likely to enjoy–not always the exact song you picked, but something that sounds good to you. You have now created a station on Pandora. You like many different types of music, so you can create ten stations. Veterans of Pandora will be glad to hear that they can share their stations. On Facebook, sure. On Pandora itself, too. See what you’re friends are listening to. Type my gmail address in and let’s share stations. For only a $36 upgrade (annual) – you get ad-free radio, a desktop application, listen for 5 hours before interacting with Pandora, mini player, skinable, and higher quality audio. Don’t forget to get a Pandora player for your iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile phone!
  • The Hype Machine. The earworm that’s in your head, the new local artist you caught at the pub downtown, your favorite love song…just name it. Now dwell on that for a second… Write what you like about it, then link it to your blog, the band’s official website, or the video on youtube . What you’ve discovered is good, and the world needs to know about it. Some songs speak to people and inspire them to write an essay. Or a critique. Or a poem. Or a dime novel. Whatever your mastered writing preference is, if you can write it, you can blog it. And if you don’t think your a good writer, don’t worry about it (you should see some of the people they allow to blog out here! LOL). So go blog that tune!
  • Blip.Fm Dearest readers, have you all enjoyed my sililoquoys on blip? If not, please go. Visit. See what joy being your own dj-blogger will bring to you. You can even share it on your facebook. I [bleep] love blip! Log on – become a listener – Blip until your heart is filled with music!! (Tip – if you set it up to Blip to your facebook account, you can put a “!” in front of Blip and that post won’t go to facebook).
  • Last recommends music, videos and concerts based on what you listen to. Then you can shout about your favorite tracks. Like Pandora, it uploads auto playlists according to the title or artist that you type in the field–but you also have the benefit of viewing photos, biographies, and comments of other users, all of which are specific to the song being played.
  • Slacker radio, this is another ultra cool way to listen to radio on your computer or mobile device.You get to pick stations, configure it and listen away. You can listen on computer, on blackberry/iphone or buy a Slacker G2 stand-alone radio for about $200. They have free and premium service ($7.50/month) like Pandora. Additional features are: No advertisements, Request song, Unlimited skipping of songs, and save favorites.

Additional Resources added – 7-13-2009

Playlist Build a playlist – share it with the world!

Last.FM A wonderful mashup of both music and concerts

Music 2.0 Directory – Hundreds of Musical Social Networking sites – updated often

Mashable – 2007 “best of” – some links are dead – but good descriptions

Midomi – Hum or Sing a tune to search for a song

iLike – Share music with users from Facebook, Bebo, Orkut, hi5, and iGoogle and more!

Qloud – Easy search Engine

Reciva – Internet Radio – Listen to any station, anywhere worldwide

A Real Human! Who better to host your site?

Think of your business’ website as a home: There’s a front porch and a door (like your home page), that people will knock on to see if they will be able to find what they need, or to see if something is of interest to them; there’s the many rooms, or web pages, that describe and direct the guests to what they need and to interact with them. The kitchen is whatever your website has that keeps them coming back. All that’s missing is a hospitable host to show the guests around.

When CNN set up the hologram technology for the election, Jon Stewart and some of our other favorite pundits giggled. But the thing is, if you want your website to work for your clients, your potential clients, and ultimately you, it helps if your website feels like a home. And a “host” might be just the thing that open house is missing. It might have been to gimicky for television, but you really should ask if it might be able to help your guests.

Live Face On Web employs a slew of real models (think “supermodel” without all the attitude and drama you may have accidentally been exposed to via reality-tv exposure) to guide and direct site-visitors. Upon a visit to their site, you can choose a male or female model from an array of different ages and demographics.

Everything about the presentation is customizable, and modify-able (if you can’t do it, they will do it for you at no extra cost). You can customize everything from the model’s position on the page and the size of the image, to link-ability and special effects. The images are clear and detailed, but the page won’t take hours to load up.

That’s right. Your very own Vanna White–only taylored to your business, and your clients’ needs. And if you see this guy walking around your computer, you’d better call ITM Computing for help! Ha!

Wherever You Go, You Have Wireless Network

The Western Frontier of broadband technology is all about how to get that same cellular service that keeps your phone in range onto your laptop computer. Purchasing a broadband card, such as that pocket-protector looking thing over there on the left, can maximize your connectivity in a snap. Voila!

As long as you have your CTR-500, your laptop can benefit from the same wireless opportunities as your cell phone.

The newest technology to come out for connectivity is easy to use, portable, secure and reliable. Simply connect an activated USB or ExpressCard modem* and turn the unit on. In seconds, a secure WiFi network and the ability to connect up to 16 WiFi-enabled devices will be yours.

It is a great substitute for the pocket protector: it’s small enough for your shirt pocket, and much more useful. It has an external antenna port (WiPipe™ technology) to position for optimal signal strength. Built-in auto-failover keeps everyone online switching from wired to wireless broadband access in the event of a wired ISP failure. The CTR 500 can be used with Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, Alltel, or AT&T wireless service. The equipment sells for $200; the wireless “cell” service is around $50/month.

Most service providers offer versions of a broadband card. Verizon carries the PC5740 Card and a V640 Express Card. AT&T carries the Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 for about $50 with a rebate-offer. Sprint offers Simply Everything+, which is really a phone and a card, for about $150 per month.

See? It is kinda hip to be square.