Cleaner Hacked

>>Download New Windows Version NOWDon’t open CCleaner First<<

What to do if CCLeaner Hack (version 5.33) was found on your machine:
1. Immediately remove CCleaner.
2. Install fresh copy of CCleaner.
3. Run full Malwarebytes Scan.
4. To fully remove malware, you’d need to either wipe system or do system restore before CCleaner was installed.

If you had Malwarebytes, which I highly recommend, it would have scrubbed the malware off your CCleaner 5.33 as soon as you opened it. If you don’t have it and use CCleaner, I would download it now and run a full scan. You can use Malwarebytes free-of-charge – as long as you manually start scan. If you did have CCleaner 5.33 on your machine and had been running it, the only true way to make sure the malware doesn’t do damage would be to do a system restore before you installed 5.33 or wipe disk and reinstall your Operating system.

CCleaner for Windows and the CCleaner for the Mac are my favorite utilities for speeding up Windows and Mac computers. It’s a free download, but I highly recommend the paid for version. It was such a shame to get the bad news that Malware had been attached to CCleaner for Windows 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3191, announced Sept 18, 2017, but was released on August 15th, 2017, and the untainted version 5.34 was released on September 12, 2017. Turns out the CCleaner Hack targeted at least 18 Specific Tech Companies – and only a small portion of users who use CCleaner were actually affected, according to Avast, the new owner of CCleaner

I highly recommend you purchase the paid version of CCleaner and Malwarebytes – as they update automatically and monitor your system at all times. It’s also a great way to support 2 great products future product development.

Windows Version

For Windows, I use the product for multiple functions

1) Remove unwanted temporary files
2) Remove tracking cookies
3) Remove registry entries that are no longer needed
4) Uninstall Software
5) Wipe disk clean before donating a computer.
6) Duplicate Checker
7) Check for largest files
8) Clean up browser plug-ins
9) Clean up Startup Items

Mac Version

For the Mac, CCleaner has less features, as it’s a new product:

1) Remove unwanted temporary files
2) Remove tracking cookies
3) Uninstall programs
4) Erase free space
5) Clean up start up items

Irony of this hack – the Anti-virus company Avast – own CCleaner and was hacked shortly after they purchased company in July 2017.


Major Companies targeted with thi
CCleaner was Hacked
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CCleaner Malware Targeted at Least 18 Specific Tech Firms