icl-backupHave you ever lost a crucial file? Has your hard drive ever “died” to the point where you couldn’t access any of the data? Have you known friends/family who have had their laptops stolen? In each of these cases, a good backup would have eased the pain of lost data. We at In The Moment Computing know what it takes to backup your data in a way that suits your needs whether via an online backup, backup to CD and DVD, backup to internal/external hard drives, backup to tapes, or backup to your network computer. Having an easy-to-maintain back up system in place will give you the feeling of security that comes when you know your data is secure.


icl-emergencycallsComputer emergencies can occur at any time. We respond to emergency situations within a four hour timeframe on weekdays and weeknights. We find over 80-90% of emergency calls can be resolved over the phone. We can also provide emergency support on the weekends, although our availability is a bit more limited.

New System Acquisitions

You know it’s time to purchase a new computer system, upgrade your software, or enter the digital age, but you are confused and worried about making the right purchase. In the Moment Computing can assist you in carefully determining what’s right for you and then assisting you in making your selection. We can also provide end-to-end service–after we help you pick out the prefect system to fit your needs, we can then configure it, install it and if required, transfer your data from your old system. We pride ourselves on recommending the appropriate software to meet your specific needs and then letting your software decisions determine your hardware needs. Many clients come back time and time again to take advantage of this valuable service when they are buying additional computers, software, or other technology gadgets.

New System Installation

Ok. You took the plunge and ordered your first computer or a new computer. Now what? Sure there’s a nice not-so-easy to understand instruction manual in the box. What does it all mean? What plugs in where? Even if you’re not a first-timer, professional onsite installation can make the world of difference. No stress, no crawling around on your hands and knees, no frustration or confusion. Just put your feet up and have a coffee while someone else does it all. 4

In addition to setting up your computer system, we can:

  • Install printers, scanners, and most other peripherals
  • Install and configure virtually any software, resolving the vast majority of conflicts that may arise in the process.
  • Set you up on the internet by installing the necessary software, configuring your connection to your ISP, and even setting up email accounts for you.

If you would like further information on installation assistance, contact us, or call 408.732.8500 to arrange for a FREE consultation.


icl-itdeptNow small businesses and even individual home-based businesses can have access to the services and expertise of an IT department-–at a fraction of the usual cost. In the Moment Computing can provide certified professionals on a part-time basis to give you exactly the support you require when you need it. In addition to onsite support, our professionals can provide friendly, professional support via telephone, email or remote access programs.

System Security

icl-shoppingWhether you are networked or not, if you access the internet, you need to pay attention to the security of your computer system. Although your cable or DSL provider may recommend that you disable all file and printer sharing to reduce your risk of intrusion, In the Moment Computing can set up internet connection sharing that is safe, secure, and hassle-free while still offering all the advantages of file and printer sharing. Firewalls can automatically block dangerous Internet threats – known and unknown – guarding your PC from hackers and data thieves. We can install a firewall that will give you the basic protection you need to secure your PC and keep your valuable information private.


icl-coachingA technology coach is someone who supports you and caters to all your technological needs. We help you get up and running. We give a friendly hand when things aren’t going so well—offering solutions, ideas, and strategies. We help you forecast your future computer needs so you can make appropriate purchases so you can grow gradually. We teach you skills you can use to keep your computer updated and to access the internet to purchase items for your computer, yourself, and your family. If you’d like to receive support on a regular basis, ask us about our attractive monthly coaching packages.


icl-troubleshootingNo matter how much love and affection you lavish on your computer, things can and do go wrong. What can you do? You can fix it yourself, but that takes considerable skill and knowledge. You can box up your system and send it back to the manufacturer or return it to the store where you purchased it, but that is time consuming and inconvenient. In the end you may be without your system for a week or more. Thankfully, In the Moment Computing can resolve the vast majority of repairs onsite, at a time that suits you, and at reasonable cost. You have the choice of either replacing the faulty part with a unit that you have purchased yourself, or, alternatively, In the Moment Computing can do the shopping for you. Repairs are not limited to just hardware either. Software can be just as tough to fix and equally as frustrating. Fortunately In the Moment Computing can solve most software problems whether you have a Windows or Macintosh system. If you would like further information on a repair for your computer, please contact us, or call 408.732.8500 to arrange for a FREE phone consultation.

Updating Software

icl-troubleshootingWhile we are onsite, we can do a thorough analysis of your current system to let you know which software programs need updating based on our knowledge and experience gained over 10 years in the computer field. We also carry a set of FREE utilities from which you can choose programs to enhance your computing experience.

Virus Protection & Removal

icl-troubleshootingAnother important element of your security system is up-to-date antivirus software than can scan your system regularly to remove viruses before they impact your machine. We can test your anti-virus software, making sure it’s current and has been run recently.
If you are having problems with your system and you fear you have a virus – do not install an anti-virus product. Call us immediately and we’ll take steps to remedy the situation before your data is lost. One way to minimize data loss is to set up a back up system.

Web Design/Web Hosting

icl-troubleshootingAre you ready to design a new website or upgrade a site you already have? We can help you with all phases of this project. Please click on Web Development Tab above to read all about this process.

Wired Networking

icl-troubleshootingThere was a time when networks were reserved for large companies with huge IT budgets and support departments to match. Not any more. Installing a home or small business network is not as expensive as you may think, and offers several distinct advantages:


  • Easy file sharing between computers
  • Cable/DSL internet connection sharing
  • Printer sharing

If you network your machines you must have anti-virus software and a personal firewall installed. If you don’t already have this protection, we are happy to supply and install it for you. See Security and Firewalls for details.

If you would like further information on networking, please Contact Us or call 408-732-8500 to arrange for a FREE consultation with In the Moment Computing.

Wireless Networking

icl-troubleshootingThe increased use of laptops, home offices, and multi computer homes has fueled the growth of wireless networking. Imagine being able to use your laptop to access data on your computer in the other room! In The Moment Computing offers complete wireless networking packages for small businesses and home businesses, which includes products, installation and ongoing support.

Wiring (Cable TV, CAT5, Phone)

icl-troubleshootingMoving into a new office? Setting up a office for your home business? Need the phone, cable and networking wiring completed? Want to add more phone jacks to your apartment? We do it all – installing extra jacks, extending your cable TV, adding additional jacks for Internet Access, and providing jacks for TV recorder and satellite systems.