I’m gonna let you in on a big secret. It’s not supposed to be a huge secret, but for some unknown reason, every time I mention it to someone, their bewildered puzzlement speaks volumes of “Whaaaa?”

Zombies, man. They’re coming for all of us in a big way next month.

Thrill the World 2010 is promising to be the World’s Biggest Thriller Dance (LINK), done internationally and simultaneously, October 24. The Michael Jackson tribute, will be performed in multiple locations around the globe to honor the artist, help raise money for charity and for the thrill of it.

The event will take place Sat. Oct. 23, 2010 at 11am & 11pm GMT/UTC. One hemisphere of the world will dance first, the “eastern” world, and then the “western” world  will dance 12 hours later. That is  4 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST in California. One world record will be granted to the participants of whichever time (a.m. or p.m.) has the most participants, provided that either event has more than 22,596 people–last year’s record breaking number of attendees(VIDEO).
I promised a friend I would attend, and as I’m still learning the dance, it’s obvious why there’s a need for video tutorials. But these moves are a lot of fun to learn and do, and I can’t wait because this will be the first time I’ve ever helped break the record. By the looks of some of these videos, breaking the record or dancing is one heck of a way to build community even in L.A.

LA during 2009 record-breaking thrill.

For those unable to attend the workshop, video tutorials are available on YouTube:
(The instructor that uploaded these went to all the trouble of showing different and helpful tools to help you learn each move. “Break It Down” is an intensive instructional video for beginning; “Dance With Me “ is slowed down and facing the instructor’s back, which helps you learn the steps without having to reverse and dance the opposite of  her instructions; and “DEMO” is presented at Regular Thriller Time Speed. All of the Lessons listed here are presented in the DEMO time, which I think might help you see moves, then find the “Break It Down” and “Dance With Me” sections, whose clips will be listed soon after the DEMO. For example,  “Lesson 5: Wuz Up takes you to “Learn Thriller Dance — Part 21 of 40 Clips.” You’ll find Part 22 of 40 will be the “Break It Down” instructional for the Wuz Up move. Part 23 of 40 will take you to a “Remember!” section that offers helpful tips, and Part 24 will take you to the  “Dance With Me” for the Wuz Up move. See? Easy! Now you know how to do the Thriller! Well, the memorization part is still up to you.)
DEMO – Full Dance with Music and Instructions
Zombie Practice – Good to know
Lesson 1: Zombie March
Lesson 2: Shoulder Step & Booty-Bounce
Lesson 3: Jump Swim, Shuffle-Ha-Slide, Down-Ha
Lesson 4: Hip N’ Roar
Lesson 5: Wuz Up
Lesson 6: Oh Snap Rock On
Lesson 7: Head N’ Shoulders Knees and Toes
Lesson 8: Stomp
Whole Package with more explanation, transitions and details.
Whole Package Part II
Dance With Me – Full Dance
Dance With Me – Full Dance at Regular Speed

My All-time favorite thrill would have to be the famous Tibetan (?) Zombie Prison Uprising: