Kickstarter is a non-profit funding platform that helps individuals and businesses raise money for creative projects. The tools provided on Kickstarter’s website have helped fund hundreds of local projects through online crowdsourcing. Whether you have a project and need capital, or you’re looking to support local business, Kickstarter is a great platform!

How does Kickstarter work exactly?

Kickstarter provides an online website where users can set up a project and request funding for it. Anyone can set up or fund a project. According to Kickstarter’s FAQs, creators “spend weeks building their project pages, shooting their videos, and brainstorming what rewards to offer backers.”


The goal of all this careful planning is to market your project to potential backers. Backers are everyday people with a few dollars to spare, and they want to make sure their money is well spent. Unlike with venture capital, backers aren’t “buying” a stake in the company. By supporting a project, backers get the thrill of helping a fledgling idea get off the ground. There are also small rewards for giving at different levels.

Most fundraising is from friends and family of the project creator. But with Kickstarter’s crowdsourced model, people from all over the world can donate to fund a project. And they do.

This leads to another key point. Funding is all-or-nothing. Projects must meet their fundraising goal 100% or they get nothing. This motivates backers to get the word out. And you don’t get charged if the goal isn’t reached.

What Types of Projects?

There are hundreds of different projects on Kickstarter right now. Everything from art to food start-ups to videogames. It’s amazing to see the variety and ingenuity of these project creators. Here are a few notable projects:

Little Bee Pops 2.0: Zombie Apopalypse (Local Bay Area Project!)

Little Bee Pops Popsicles

Little Bee Pop’s idea is simple: “take an iconic childhood dessert that has been totally bastardized by the industrial food system and turn it into a healthy, crap-free, locally-sourced, awesome-tasting treat. Sell at local parks and Farmers’ Markets, and say “BOOM! Take that, evil treats marketed to our kids!”  Y’know…like a BOSS.”  – from their Kickstarter page. To do this, they are fundraising for a food truck.

BE TH3 CHANGE – Streetwear with a Conscience (Local Bay Area Project!)

Kickstarter Project for Be the Change
Be th3 Change
is fundraising to reinvent eco-friendly clothing. “The thing is, most of the Streetwear brands on the market use unsustainable materials for their garments, and Eco-friendly brands don’t always offer styles that most people want to wear. So I decided to combine the two, make styles which are appealing to most people, yet are made in a sustainable way. SIMPLE.” – from their Kickstarter page.

Buddy & Me Tablet & Mobile Game

Kickstarter Project for Buddy & Me Videogame

Buddy & Me is an awesome tablet and mobile game that needs your help. Acccording to their Kickstarter page, “Buddy & Me is a unique 2D platforming game about friendship, that merges the high-quality painted backgrounds and cel-shaded characters of an animated film, with the gameplay sensibilities of a highly replayable, lighthearted childhood adventure in the woods. Buddy & Me is a game for everyone, accessible enough for anyone to pick up and try, but with depth and challenge for the big kid in all of us.”

Using Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a great resource for entrepreneurs and philanthropists.  Consider using it as a tool to expand your product line, or raise money for a worthy cause. Or donate a few dollars to support a cause you believe in (like Little Bee Pops). And if you don’t have the money to donate, at least get the word out!

Have you donated to a Kickstarter project? Or are you currently running a project? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!