Whether you have Comcast or Dish as your cable provider, you’re probably paying too much. At In the Moment Computing, many of us have dumped our cable providers altogether. Today, we’re going to share how we did it. And we promise, if you dump your Comcast or Dish provider, you won’t feel deprived!

According to Consumerist, the average cable bill is around $86 (NOT including internet or phone services). And a new report from the NPD Group shows cable bills are rising by 6% per year. At this rate, you’ll be paying $200 per month by 2020!

This is a follow up to our article on Cutting the Cable – Watch TV without Paying (Legally).

1. Netflix

Dump your cable or dish

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For $7.99 per month, you can enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and television from Netflix.com. For an additional $7.99 each month, you can also rent DVDs via mail. There’s a huge selection and Netflix is even starting to produce some of it’s own shows, like House of Cards with Kevin Spacey.

2. Hulu

The Hulu website offers a large selection of free television shows and movies for streaming online. Many of these shows can be watched for free. For a broader selection, you can purchase membership with Hulu Plus for $7.99 per month. You’ll get access to current season shows and additional content. Hulu also offers many international shows, some of them only carried on Hulu.

3. RedBox

You may have seen RedBox vending machines at your local grocery store or 7-eleven. Redbox is a vending machine which carriers many current movies for rent. New releases are available in DVD and Blue-ray formats. Rental prices range from $1.20 – $3.00 per day.

4. Library

For a fantastic and FREE option, consider your local library! You’re already paying for it at tax time.

Libraries often have great selections of both current and historical movies, documentaries and international films. Many have complete sets of TV shows, too. Find a local library here. (Just remember to return your videos on time to avoid late fees!)

5. Amazon

Inexpensive cable alternatives

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One of our favorite streaming options is Amazon. For those with Amazon Prime, you’ll get access to free streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows. Amazon Prime also has another perk of free 2-day shipping on all your Amazon purchases. Perfect for birthdays and Christmas shopping!

Amazon Prime is $79 per year (less if you’re a student). And there’s some chatter that Amazon will be dropping this price soon.

Dump your Comcast or Dish

With these new services, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies at a fraction of your current cable bill. To maximize streaming options, we recommend a set top box like the Roku. And if you need any installation help, let us know!

Are you considering whether to dump your Comcast or Dish cable television? Let us know why in the comments.