FitbitOne – Great way to track your movements

Pedometers have come a lllllooooonnnggg way since people started tracking their steps with devices like the Suprex Pedometer. Now, you can see how much they’ve shrunk and have become digitized.

Tracking steps can be fun, challenging, and bottom-line healthy!

Have been watching all my friends slowly get hooked on these little devices which track their daily steps, their daily calories, their steps and even their sleep! After researching a bunch of these trackers (ranging in price from $55-$355) like the FitBit One, Nike+ Sport Watch, Jaw Bone Up, Nike+ Fuel Band and the LifeTrack C200 Core, I decided on the FitBit. First I heard of it was with a client whose unit was not properly synchronized and I asked to see device. She hemmed and hawed and said she stored it in her bra (I thought, “Say what?”). But once, I saw how small the device as I understood. I just easily attach it to my pocket

The incredible thing about the FitBit is how easy it is to use and set up. You just turn the thing on and it starts tracking. No setup, No measuring your steps, No reading a manual. Just turn it on and start walking.

It did get a little trickier when I started to synchronize to the computer. It comes with a bluetooth dongle you can attach to either a Mac or Windows computer and download the software. I probably spent about 15 minutes working on setting it up and finally got it working. Then I read further and realized you could synchronize to your phone – either iPhone or Android. I sync the Fitbit One to my Samsung Galaxy S3 and it happens automagically throughout the day. I have now removed the bluetooth dongle from my computer. Now, as it synchronizes, it shows up on my www.fitbit.com account. (You have to set up a free fitbit.com account first).

Next Up is a great way to track food eating while automatically synchronizing with your FitBit One.