Last week, Google announced a new note-taking app called Google Keep. The Google Keep Android app lets you quickly jot down notes, keep track of photos and even dictate voice messages. This is the tech giant’s foray into organization apps, helping them *keep* up (forgive us) with competition like Evernote and Catch Notes. Is it worth the download? Read on as In the Moment Computing compares Google Keep with competitors like Evernote and Catch Notes.

If you search the web for Google Keep, you’ll see lots of dooms-day predictions for competitors like Evernote and Catch Notes. But the truth is, each of these organizer apps has its strengths.

Google Keep

The first thing I thought when I saw the Google Keep app: it’s Pinterest for your to do list.

Google Keep Android App Screenshot

Credit: Google Screen Shot

The visual dual-column organization helps you easily record and keep track of the action items on your plate.

A big plus for Google Drive users, the Google Keep app automatically syncs with your Google Drive! And it’s fast too – often just seconds over Wi-Fi.

Like Catch Notes and many of Google’s other products, the design is simple and to the point.

Right now, there are a few issues with Google Keep. It doesn’t work with iOS devices, it only works with newer Android devices (Ice Cream Sandwich or higher) and it doesn’t have as many features as other organizer apps. Also, Google has had previous forays into notetaking, like the Notebook web app. However, it canceled that service a few years ago – so don’t get too attached to Google Keep lest your heart be broken!


Evernote App for Android (for Google Keep article)

Credit: Johan Larsson

Evernote is perhaps the best known organizer app out there. Its design makes it easy to collaborate and share notes with  colleagues.

What really sets Evernote apart is the cross-platform functionality. (Right now, Google Keep is only available as a web app for Android users. This cuts Apple users out of the loop completely, at least for the moment.)

Additionally, Evernote supports organizing and recording your data in many different formats. And the kicker: the OCR feature that converts images with text into a searchable format.

Unfortunately, they’ve gotten some headlines recently for a security breach. This makes them a bit more vulnerable to users looking for a change. But overall, Evernote is a reputable company with a long history (in tech years) of  decent security and service.

Catch Notes  

Catch Notes vs. Google Keep vs. Evernote apps

Credit: tetsukun0105

Catch excels in its simple design. Sometimes what you really want is a note taking app, not an app that’ll cook you dinner. With Catch, you get an app geared for note taking, with a few bells and whistles to sweeten the deal. Its design makes it easy to use, even for less technical users.

On an iPhone 4S (this blogger’s phone), the app is very responsive and user friendly.

Catch Notes, like Evernote, is available for both Android and iOS users. It also features a little browser widget that lets you snip text and take notes online.

Evernote is still the pack leader – especially for heavy note takers and collaborators. Google Keep just doesn’t (yet) have the depth of features to compete with Evernote. For Android users and those who rely on Google Drive, the Google Keep app is worth checking out. But iOS users and others who want to record basic items shouldn’t count Catch Notes out just yet. 

Our founder, Clyde, has been enjoying the new Google Keep app but he still loves Evernote. Are you currently using an organizer app? Tell us which one in the comments. And if you’ve tried Google Keep, we’re interested in hearing what you think, too.