Healthy Smart Phone Apps

The next frontier in smartphone app technology is here – healthy smart phone apps. Everyday, ITM Computing sees new health-oriented apps entering the marketplace.

We believe this industry is in its fledgling stages and that the next few years will see huge advances for consumers and the medical industry in healthy smart phone app technology.

Healthy smart phone apps remind you to take pills

Drugs (Credit: epSos.de)

We’re not talking about your average running or calorie tracking app. There are some awesome healthy smart phone apps that are really making a difference right now.

AsthmaSpiroSmart is a new app that uses a phone’s microphone to measure a person’s lung health. Many asthma patients who use a spirometer may now have access to a portable version outside the doctor’s office. Imagine being able to take this important test from home and have your doctor evaluate your results.

Blood Pressure: A number of apps help you manage your blood pressure. Withings has created an app that actually takes your blood pressure on the go with a Blood Pressure Monitor you can purchase (for $129.00). Currently iPhone only.

CPR & First Aid: For help in an emergency, the American Hearth Association (AHA) has released the Pocket First Aid & CPR smart phone app. Available for both Android and iPhone.

Better Sleep: Zeo Mobile uses a headband to monitor your sleep patterns. The science is still a little shaky but we hope to see more rigorously tested sleep apps available in the future.

Make Running Fun: Fear is a great motivator, right? Try the Zombies Run app and feel like you’re being chased by Zombies. Definitely not your average running app. For iOS or Android..

Condition Management: Wellframe is one of multiple apps being eyed by the healthcare / insurance industry. It aims to help patients better manage chronic conditions. Not on the market yet, but a good example of what the future holds!

We are excited to see how this industry develops. ITM’s belief is that healthy smart phone apps are going to revolutionize the way we monitor and improve our health.

How do you use healthy smart phone apps in your daily life now? And what would you like to see in the future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!