Did you know that there are over nine websites to help you create your fantasy 2D world? I found at least that many. Lucky for you, you stumbled upon this little gem, so now you don’t have to hunt and peck through the internet to find all of them. No problem, friend!

Click the pic to get your own cartoon.

1. South Park yourself.

Clyde, in South Park


2. Create an original portrait from scratch with the Portrait Illustration Maker.

Portrait Illustration Maker makes delightful little avatars!


3. My DaVinci has an incredible variety of caricatures for a small fee.


4. MessDude is good, clean fun.

I’m a Mess, Dude.









5. Get a Mii! You don’t have to have a Wii to interact with other Miis. The Mii Channel’s options are endless! And if you have a Wii, your Mii will show up in some of the games.








6. CartoonStylist.com – Submit your photo, and these guys will set you up with a shiny, new cartoon. $15 will get you in black and white, old Betty Boop and Steamboat Willie style. Upgrading to Fantasia colors will be $30.







7. You can get lost in a world of Meez. Interact with thousands of other Meez. Even your pet can have a Meez. Meez will work with other various sites, so they are also somewhat addictive.











8. Cartoon Draw Software is FREE! You do it yourself, without even using the internet once it’s downloaded on your computer.









9. MyWebFace claims to make cartoons just like Disney. You might not see it, but I’m sure my neice will like the idea of looking like a modern Belle (from Beauty and the Beast).


10. Androidify Yourself

Make a cool Android Persona of yourself. You’ll need to do this one from your Android phone. You can make several – save them – email them – post to Facebook. Fun!

Also, check back at SimpsonizeMe, WeeWorld and CartoonMe. Their services are so popular, the sites are overwhelmed!