Pinterest is a social media site that lets users “pin” images to a virtual pinboard. Not only is it a fun way to share your favorite finds, it is also a great tool for businesses and savvy users. Check out our 5 tips for making money with Pinterest. 

This is a spin-off from our 5 Reasons to Outsource your Social Media Marketing Strategy post. If you’re a small business owner, we highly recommend you read both.

Tip #1: Verify your Website

Making money on Pinterest is about driving Pinterest traffic to your website. So one of the first things to do is to verify your website with Pinterest. To do this, Pinterest asks you to upload a verification file to your server. Check out this walk-through on how to Verify your Website.

Making money with Pinterest - verify website tip.

There are two ways to verify your website: (1) by uploading a file to your web server, or (2) inserting a meta tag into the <head> of your index.html file. If both of those are too complicated, there are 3rd party plugins available for websites that use WordPress.org.

Tip #2:  Create Great Boards

ITM's Tips on making money with Pinterest.Although you may have a particular specialty or interest, it’s important to create a broad set of Pinterest boards.

Create General Interest Boards: It’s best to start with boards in a number of categories. The purpose here is to attract a wide user base to your profile, and have them follow ALL of your boards. Here is a good list of boards to have:

  • Inspiration – Quotes, links to stories, uplifting photos
  • Exercise / Fitness – Health tips, exercise
  • Foods – Tasty foods, desserts, healthy recipes
  • Fashion – Clothing, jewelry, shoes, handmade apparel
  • Beauty – Beauty tips, makeup, hair styles, products
  • Home / DIY – home org. projects, handmade furniture 
  • Travel – Beautiful photos of inspiring places to travel
  • Animals – Cute photos of animals

Create your Product / Company Boards: In addition to these general interest boards, set up boards for your main product categories. These are boards that you’ll pin the bulk of your money-making content to. This content will drive users to your site and products or services.

Naming Boards: Give them unique, fun names likely to attract people. For instance, your “foods” board could feature fun brunch foods and be called “Sunday Brunch Ideas.”

Keyword Description: Use Keywords in your Board Descriptions. Remember that Pinterest is a search engine. The description will help your boards and pins come up in searches.

Special Occasion Boards: Another fun thing to do is to create special occasion boards and quickly pin a lot of content. You’ll be able to capitalize on trending searches for holidays or other special events.

Tip #3: Pin Awesome Content

Once your boards are live, start pinning. Your boards should have at least 25-50 pins each to start, with you adding content on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Pins should be eye-catching and interesting!
  • Check that the pin URL’s link to a reputable source (not a dead end or random page).
  • Use common sense – Pins should match your values (avoid politics, nudity, offensive stuff, etc.)
  • Pin a mixture of re-pinned content and content you come across on other sites

This content will come up in keyword searches and bring people to your Pinterest boards. They’ll check out your profile and visit your website. Once on your site, you can turn their visits into revenue.

Pinning your own Content: If your business offers products or services, start pinning it by uploading photos and/or linking to photos on your website.

Professional photos: Hire a photographer to take some great shots of your products or services. Use these as your pins. Beautiful, artistic, colorful shots are more likely to be shared.

Use Free Photos: If you don’t have photos, buy stock photos or use free photos for your pins. Just make sure they link back to your website properly.

Remember that your end goal is to get Pinterest users interested in your pins. This will drive them to your website where you can show them product deals, coupons, affiliate links and targeted advertising.

Tip #4:  Follow & Be Followed

Now it’s time to start building your audience. We have a few tips for you here. Making money with Pinterest is about reaching a large audience of interested users.
Use your social network: Use the Find Friends feature to connect with friends on Facebook and other sites. Presto – instant network.

Follow the Right People: Don’t bother following people with huge numbers of followers. Focus on new Pinterest users who are likely to follow you back.

Re-pin: Start re-pinning other Pinterest users’ content. They’ll be flattered and will often start following you.

Comment: Comment on other people’s pins. Make sure your comments are thoughtful and not random. Use their name if possible in your reply. This is a great way to expand your audience.

Remember, social marketing is about being social. So put yourself out there!

Tip #5: Launch a Contest

Once you have your Pinterest account set up and your audience is growing, launch a contest.

Create a Contest Page on your website: It should include the rules and look legit.

Choose your Contest Photo: This is going to be re-pinned by hundreds, even thousands of people! So it should be easy to repin and list the contest name, your company name, prize and refer to your website rules page.

Use other Social Media: Get the word out with Facebook, your blog, Twitter, Instagram, email marketing and other social media. You can also encourage contest participants to follow you on other social media, too.

Here’s an example of a current contest on Pinterest: Boutique Website Design keeps it simple. The image on the left is the Pinterest pin that is easily pinnable. On the right you see a simple list of rules and dates.

Making money with Pinterest - Pin it to win it contest

Credit: boutique-website-design.com

Make sure to choose a winner quickly once the contest ends! This is a fantastic way to drive business to your site.

Making Money with Pinterest

We hope these tips for making money with Pinterest are helpful. There is much more to say and you’ll see future posts on Pinterest here on our blog.

If you’d like help making money with Pinterest, please give In the Moment Computing a call. We are experienced Social Media Marketing professionals and can help you get started.