Oh no, my computer has a virus!

My Computer has a Virus! Don’t Panic, ITM’s got you Covered

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we first suspect our computer’s been compromised. But don’t worry, ITM Computing can help. Be safe and ‘manage the damage’ by following these simple steps.

Here are a few simple steps to take immediately if you suspect your computer has been infected:

My Computer has a virus

Computer Care (Credit: IntelFreePass)

Seriously, Don’t Panic: Some people start with drastic measures like completely re-installing their operating system. Panicked, they’re thinking, “My computer has a virus. It’s time to wipe the slate clean!”

But remember, just like bugs that infect us, computer viruses come in all shapes and sizes. Many viruses can removed without extreme measures. So don’t start with surgery if antibiotics will cure your bug!

ITM tip: If you suspect your computer is infected, stop using it! Use another private computer to change passwords or access secure data.

Disconnect from the Internet: Unplug your computer from the internet (LAN or Wi-FI). You want to stop the virus from spreading to other computers on the network. Again, don’t use your computer to send emails or access secure data. This risks spreading the virus to other computers or jeopardizing your safety.

Run a Virus Scan: Re-start your computer in Safe Mode. Then, run a virus scan using your antivirus software. What, you don’t have antivirus software? Or, it’s out of date? Sit tight and give ITM a call so we can act before your data is lost.

Update your Operating System: Keep your operating system up to date. This will help close security loopholes. Keep automatic updates to important programs like Adobe Acrobat or web-browsers turned on, too. This will ensure you have the latest, most secure versions.

ITM tip: Computer viruses can be prevented. Let’s take our medical analogy a bit further.  Remember, you can help prevent catching the flu with proper hand-washing or a vaccine. Computers are similar. Prevent viruses by updating your computer’s software, running antivirus scans and practicing safe web-browsing.

Call the Professionals: We highly recommend you call your computer professional for a check-up. This is especially important before you start using your computer for online shopping or other secure transactions. Anti-virus software doesn’t always catch viruses or properly remove them. So contact your local tech to ensure you’re good to go.

With the way we use our computers today, each of us is bound to contract a computer virus once in a while. So, if you’re thinking – my computer has a virus! – don’t panic! Follow these simple steps to protect yourself and your trusty computer.