Since cell phones and services have gained popularity, public display of cell phones and accouterments have gained unpopularity. As much as we all carry disdain for the person two and a half feet away, screaming into a device about something horrendously boring, none of us can think of letting go of our toys.

Now the toys are fighting back against maniacal cell-phone perpetrators. Rules of etiquette, hands-free laws, and personal preference: As we progress in this digital era, our gadgets are changing the way we communicate. One useful change I want to see a lot of: Virtual answering and transcribing services.

Reading voicemail is much more convenient than listening to voicemail. If you don’t believe me, think back to the last time someone left you a message with a phone number or address, and you tried to memorize it because you were driving.

My Favorites
Got Voice – Best Transcription Service
Google Voice – By Invitation Only