Today’s topic is about hosting dinner parties. Kind of strange for a tech blog, right? Not if you’re hosting a virtual dinner party via Skype! You probably just LOL’d but we’re actually serious. Hosting a virtual dinner party via Skype is a great option to reconnect with friends and family.

Hosting a Virtual Dinner Party

For your next dinner party, consider hosting with the help of Skype. Using a video chat service like Skype lets you enjoy diningĀ  with out of town guests. For those in different timezones, it’s a serious blessing, being able to reconnect over a meal.

Virtual Dinner Party

Credit: Lachlan

We’re not sure if Barefoot Contessa’s done this one on her show? But our founder, Clyde, is a fan! It’s a surprising (and free) way to reconnect with loved ones.

In America (really the whole world), families and friends bond over the dinner table. That’s why it’s so hard when a loved one moves away. It’s not quite the same talking on the phone or texting.

Virtual dinner parties can change that. Planning a virtual dinner party is like planning any party. But, you’re right, there are a few key differences.

Consider these tips when coordinating your own event:

Time zones. Make sure the time of your event is clear. This may require the two parties to eat different meals or start at an unusual time.

Menu Planning. All invitees will need to cook their own meals. Consider agreeing on a menu or food genre beforehand. If you’re eating the same recipes, you can bond over how the food tastes!

Do a Dry Run. Before the big event, connect via Skype (or alternative chat service) and iron out any kinks. You’ll want to make sure the computer / tablet is positioned properly at the dinner table, that the volume is loud enough and connection is clear. The last thing you want is to be troubleshooting while the food gets cold!

Send a Care Package. If you have enough time, consider sending a surprise care package before your dinner party. Not a requirement. But people always appreciate receiving party favors or sweet treats.

What do you think about a virtual dinner party? Is it too crazy or awkward? Or do you love the idea? Any suggestions to help the evening go more smoothly? Tell us in the comments!