Step 3: Host Your Website


Host your websiteIn addition to designing your website, you need to determine where to store your website. You most likely have an Internet Provider that provides you with an e-mail address and allows you to view web pages.

Once you reserve your domain name with us at www.iwantadomainname.com or come to us with your domain name, you will need to host your site. Everyone who has a web page, needs a place to “store” or “host” it.

At In the Moment Computing, we take care of your site every step of the way, from helping you get your domain name, to transferring your site to our hosting services, and uploading your final website to the proper location.

Our three hosting plans are as follows:


Options Platinum Gold Email Only*
Disk Space 10G 5G 20 MB/mailbox
Bandwidth 4 GIG 2 GIG n/a
Contracts Never Never Never
Banner Ads Never Never Never
Set Up $0 $25 $0
6 months ppd
$40 $30 $12.50
Annual ppd
$30 $20 $10

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